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Get 22C-DA V 40HP PF NEMA 1 at wholesale prices at Westburne – your electrical distributor. Join Now!. : AC Drive PowerFlex, 30kW 60A 3xVAC, integral keypadĖ„LED display, RS, frame D, Allen-Bradley, #22C-DA, Softstarters & AC Drives. AC Drive,30 kW (40 HP),V AC Input,3 PH, Hz,60 A Output,IP30,UL- NEMA Type 1,Panel Mounting,With PID,PIP Algorithm AndFireSystem Tie,In, Frame.

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Who Should Use This Manual What is the price of a 22C-DA? Drive Does Not Power Up The 22C-DA uses the Logix control to simplify parameters and tag programming and so to reduce the development time.

Understanding Metasys N2 Manually Clearing Faults Power Terminal Block Essential Requirements For Ce Compliance Catalog Number Explanation Input Power Conditioning Frame E Drives Reading 03 And Writing 06 Drive Parameters Writing 06 Logic Command Data Input Power Connections Common Symptoms And Corrective Actions Keypad Hand-off-auto Functions Damper Control Setup Auxiliary Motor Control Setup Frame C Drives Dsi Cable Accessories C-d006a103 Frame Sizes The 22C-DA drive can connect to fire alarms with the purge or function loss input on the drive.


Fuses And Circuit Breakers Motor Cable Types Acceptable For It c-s060a103 cost-effective and has c-d060a1003 compact, flexible design that facilitates the control of the motor speed. Programming And Parameters Reading 03 Feedback Writing Parameter Values D Micro Programmable Logic Controllers.

Maximum C-d060a013 Air Temperature Minimum Mounting Clearances Powerflex Drive Type: Rockwell Automation Publication 22c-umj-en-e – January Start And Speed Reference Control Reading Parameter Values Please refer to the manual for more information about the 22C-DA such as the wiring diagrams, data sheets, firmware information and migration or obsolescence details.

Shield Termination – Shld Motor Does Not Start Table of contents Important User Information Frame F Drives Applying Power To The Drive Metasys N2 Data Types Pid Control Loop Don’t have an account? Analog Pid Reference Signals Basic Display Group It is suitable for a variety of mechanical fan and pump systems. Writing 06 Reference Ground Fault Monitoring What is the frame size of the 22C-DA?

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Ungrounded Distribution -cd060a103 Reading 03 Drive Error Codes No Function Mode On Drive Connections Basic Program Group Pid Reference And Feedback What is the power dissipation of the 22C-DA?