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The content includes possible career and academic paths for more advanced classes.

Students who select this program will find opportunities in advertising, marketing, sales, and as management trainees. Both the student and the instructor will sign the form. General Education Requirements 3. Our programs help students prepare for employment in health care professions.

No more than 50 percent of credits required in specialized course work, unique to a program, can be transferred from another institution to be applied toward graduation from MCC.

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Dual-enrolled high school students may be provisionally admitted to the Honors Program with full admission after one semester at MCC, if they meet the standard criteria dorrected all applicants. Microsoft Pass4Sure q. Submit documentation of a physical exam, including required immunizations and TB testing, completed within the last 6 monthsat the student’s expense information is available in the Health Sciences Division office; completed forms must be received by August 1 for the Fall semester or December 1 for the Winter semester.


Check transfer institution for math requirement. Check out our website for detailed information at correctdd. There are three types of residency status: A paramedic is an ambulance attendant responsible for advanced emergency care in a pre-hospital setting and transportation of the sick and injured to a hospital. Certificate Health Sciences Division Office: Until this process is complete, you will not be eligible to receive federal financial aid.

Cisco ActualTests v q. A CDA will enable you to become: It is the obligation of students to provide faculty with reasonable notice of the dates of religious holidays on which they will be absent.

2013-2015 Catalog – Mott Community College

Upon acceptance into the first clinical nursing course, For bh most current information, always check www. Provide proof of high school graduation or GED.

Students who plan to follow careers in business, early childhood education, social work, paramedics and other related careers may also be interested in select courses in criminal justice. Student attends orientation session prior to Fall semester.

: Sitemap

Class Cancellation The college reserves the right to cancel any class at the beginning of a semester or session if the class does not have a sufficient number of students to warrant its continuation. Orientation is conducted in a group format, and lasts approximately three hours. Completion of the program will also be beneficial to those planning to major in such areas as communications, public relations, graphic design, fine arts or journalism.


East Parking DeMille Blvd. Lapeer area students can complete many basic educational requirements close to home. A copy of your SAR will be mailed to you or can be accessed online at http: The Nail Technician is one of the fastest growing and most creative professions in the Cosmetology fields. Check with the university or art school you plan to attend for more details.

7 Student Email Notification Students will be notified through their MCC Webmail address of specific class cancellation, site-specific closings, or college-wide closings. So please take the time to browse through it. All e-Learning courses have a Start-Up Session. SincePhi Theta Kappa has recognized academic excellence and more than 1.

Students are simultaneously working toward a high school diploma and a college degree or certificate.