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If PR professionals do not work quickly, the initiative of communication is taken by others e. The original period of Zeitungswissenschaft was followed by the period of Publizistikwissenschaft, the science of public communication. Some authors stressed that the origins of Communication Science are related to the Greek philosopher Fincea and to rhetoric.

IRT holds that corporate communication is goal-directed and a positive organizational reputation is one of the central goals q this communication. An exigence is rhetorical when it is capable of positive modification and when positive modification requires discourse or can be assisted by discourse. As in Tractatus, in Zen as well, the sense cannot be named but only showed.

Therefore, the illumination can occur at any moment: Here we observe once more the poor quality which ultimately could be translated in promoting a weak and unprofessional electoral discourse. The second condition of a rhetorical audience is that they can function as mediators of change.

She has more than 10 years of experience as a lawyer, and is a founding member of The European Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and Research. It is not difficult to pinpoint the causes, but, we must admit that in this field also significant studies are scarce. By using all the means offered by popular culture, Hubble 15th Anniversary project suggested a range of cultural products and events Hubble Days events, DVDs, Hubble-themed gadgets etc.

Basic training of all those willing to come into the communication ring and regulations that may concern not only the professionals but also the amateurs, may be ways to get over what seems to be a deadlock.


In the United Kingdom, communication science is related to cultural studies, the origins of that theoretical framework is Birmingham. In fact we talk about a paradoxical communication that cannot say anything, that has no sense when spoken. Adrian Pacurar is the author of several scientific articles published in well-known international journals in the field of communication, including Science Communication, Science Journalism and the New Media, or Grounded Theory and the Phenomenological Approach in Social Sciences.

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Conclusion These shifts do not represent, we think, a tragic dead end. The opening of the conference was streamed live, allowing thus an increased participation to the plenary sessions which set the tone and the level of presentations. He is the author of the following volumes selection: She teaches theory of communication, semiotics, and non-verbal communication. The results of a research published in in the Transylvanian Review for Public Administration showed that the professional qualification of PR professionals working in the Romanian public sector is very different and can be related to the dimension of the organization they were integrated in.

Stasis is a strategy used to initiate discourse, to accurately identify the tension or dissonance at which discourse ought to begin. Considering the features of time-based kairos, it is important to point out three distinct but related concepts Smith, in Sipiora and Baumlin, Among the classics of sociology Emile Durkheim has the merit of drawing attention to a problem so far ignored, namely that the existence of a social space does not necessarily dependent on a physical space.

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The four basic stasis categories may be broken down into a number of questions and subcategories to help researchers, communicators, and people working together in teams to build information and compose communication. A lack of perspective and of an original input for the news programmes has led to a similar approach for the topics of great public interest where, paradoxically, the dailies steered the pack in finding interesting and relevant stories, while television reporters and correspondents only followed up on printed stories that seemed promising.


Servaes, Jan and Patchanee Malikhao. Her research interests include media communication, advertising and new media. He has co- authored 6 books and more than 30 articles; he has also participated in 26 national oar international conferences and 30 research projects.

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Rice and Everett M. In brief, among the main principles and characteristics of Zen rhetoric we can mention: He received his PhD in Sociology from BabesBolyai University in ; his main research topics cincew sociology of communication, computer-mediated social interactions, sociology of politics, and methods and techniques of social research.

Their owners and financiers had more or less obvious connections to the circle of political power and played their cars accordingly, serving the interests of their own kin and criticizing their opponents. Of course, there some exceptions in this picture, but these exceptions are not enough to determine a significant change. They passed on to the next, higher level and looked at the way issues of public interest come to the attention of their audience cihcea, equally, to the attention cinxea decision makers.

The implementation of Public Relations for science is made on the grounds of popular culture, because the logic according to which popular culture functions fits perfectly within the new purposes of Public Relations in the science sector.

She is distinguished with the National Order for Merit in Education This type of behaviour becomes obvious through the appearance of a consumption logic, noticeable on the level of research centres, which involve a much more active communication and promotion towards the exterior of the strict scientific community.

In order to apply an efficient communication strategy to a science project, the identification of the characteristics which individualize it in cincew to other research projects is necessary.