Abraham Abulafia has 18 ratings and 3 reviews. Dr. Ursula Williams said: Great instructions for meditation. Great instructions for meditation. If you a. Amidst the rich panoply of Jewish Kabbalah, Abraham Abulafia resonates the most with modern, philosophically minded seekers of direct. the Divine and its relationship with humanity. Abulafia developed a system of meditation whose most conspicuous feature was the invo- cation of “divine names”.

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But that God has guided our hand in this way and commands us to warn you to repent.

And in all of them upon completion if you see a form in front of you nwme yourself immediately before it Genesis Abraham Abulafia, An Ecstatic Kabbalist. Combined with specific breathing techniques and contemplation of body centers meditation on the letters produces ecstasy almost immediately.

Jingsheng Zhu marked it as to-read Jun 15, Another meditative technique that Abulafia uses to spin the Gates and gain enlightenment also was linked the creation of the golem.

Yale University Press, Kaplan, Aryeh. It is the Intellect which is the source of all wisdom, understanding and knowledge, and it is in the likeness of the King of Kings, whom everyone is in very great awe of. Prepare your true thought to depict the Name, may his Name be blessed, and his superior angels; depict them in your heart as if they were people, standing or sitting meditatios you and you anme them like an emissary that the King and his servants want to deploy and namme is ready to hear from one of them the pronouncement of the matter of his mission, if from the King or from one of his servants.


Abraham Abulafia: Meditation on the Divine Name by Abraham Abulafia

And the abundance flows onto you and arouses you to many things one after the other. Sefer Ha-Ot – The Book of the Sign by Abulafia relates his experiences and visions, some of which are really frightening.

Naje Jahn added it Jun 13, These books are available on Amazon.

Schocken, A Visual Testimony: Samantha Teichtahl is currently reading it Jun 28, Valentina rated it it was amazing Jun 07, And after you do so put your face against the mentioned Name and imagine that a person stands before you and waits for you to talk with him and he is abulatia to answer you about everything that you will ask from him.

Kossi Toulassi added it Mar 12, Phanes Press, Abulaifa, Jonathan.

Labyrinthos, Idel, Moshe. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But it had a beautiful beginning. And if this is at night, light many candles until they make your eyes shine very beautifully.

So check this book out. Want to Read saving…. Otherwise, he will find his visions altered, his thought processes demolished, and his reveries confounded. The golem was activated by the mystical combinations of letters, with the inscription of the Hebrew letters???

As you contemplate MASHAV on the different combination results, you will begin to feel a warm, glowing sensation at the heart. Abrahaj by Abraham Abulafia.


Abraham Abulafia: Meditation on the Divine Name

And divide in the middle and the thumb spread by itself. James McDevitt added it Apr 15, Abraham Abulafia, the Franciscans and Joachimism. Krakov, Elazar, of Germiza. To accomplish this, one has to be familiar with the Hebrew alphabet, the combination techniques of the Hebrew letters, and how to construct the Gates. Think that in the coming hour your soul will leave your body and you will die to this world and you meditatiions live in the next world, that is the source of life scattered amongst all living beings.

Mark Bigelow rated it it was amazing Jan 25, And know meditatoons as much as the honorable intellectual abundance will be strong with you, so much so will your external and internal organs weaken, and your whole body will be engulfed in a very strong upheaval.

I especially like the tables. Books on Abraham Abulafia These books are available on Amazon. And solve the matter that you will hear to the best solution and as close as you can get to it.