Datasheet search engine for Electronic Components and Semiconductors. ADGFB data sheet, alldatasheet, free, databook. ADGFB parts, chips, ic. ADGFB 4/8 Channel Fault-protected Analog Multiplexers FEATURES Low On Resistance ( Typ) Fast Switching Times ns Max t OFF ns Max Low. ADGFB PDF datasheet. Download or read online ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.) ADGFB pdf data sheet.

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If this higher value causes incorrect large signal behavior, then it will be necessary to specify RBM, causing the base resistance to become lower at high currents. Typically, VJ varies between 0. The I SSPICE model names also have the b letter suffix unless the addition of the letter caused the name to be greater than 8 characters. The 2N data sheet shows the holding current and the DC trigger current to be nearly equal, suggesting the two transistors have about the same Hfe versus current behavior.

Reverse breakdown temperature coefficient.

Placing a SPICENET test point symbol on the satasheet or supplying a dummy netlist node number will allow the designer to get a reading of the internal core flux. The package for this IC i. Use one of the above equations for Z which can be passed as a parameter.

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Purpose Amplifier Switching Switching Gen. The model has been scheduled for obsolescence, but may still be purchased for a limited time. The families modeled here have relatively high test currents. Note that slew rate limiting is closely related to physical parameters and front end topology as shown in equation 7. If a device is supplied that also has maximum impedance, your typical operating point will be substantially lower than the diode breakdown voltage.


Lib are card edge connectors. The default diode curve will not bend at higher voltages; current will increase linearly with voltage. Most GaAsFET applications are for either microwave amplifiers or high speed current mode logic, and require the DC bias effects to be modeled.

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The value of FEDDY, the eddy current critical frequency, can be determined from a graph of permeability versus frequency, as shown in Figure 4. Ask The Applications Engineer— It is well suited to the electrical engineer because it produces a behavioral model which is understood by circuit designers, rather than forcing the designer to learn a new programming language.

Due to environmental concerns, ADI offers many of our products in lead-free versions. The test circuit shown in Figure 5 can be used to evaluate a saturable core model. The generic model is not far off at about 6 amps, and provides an excellent model quickly datashete easily without complex calculations. Grid, Plate, Cathode] See App. A noticeable increase in MMF occurs when the core comes out of saturation, an effect that is more pronounced for square wave excitation than for sinusoidal excitation, as shown in Figure 3.

Liu, ERL memorandum No. To make efficient use of computer memory, ISSPICE4 transmission lines should only be used when the delay time is a large fraction of the analysis time. It is important to return the limited current to the subcircuit ground node so that the source, GB, does not generate any apparent power. There are generic models for opamps that are constructed using bipolar datahseet JFET technology, and for current feedback op-amps using 5 or 15 volts. Be careful to keep the divisor input signal, y, away from the zero neighborhood, catasheet the circuit simulation may abort.

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ENDS The 3 phase generator is made up of an integrator that converts the basic sine source to a cosine source. Purpose Zetex Amplifier Zetex Gen. Default Diode Limitations There are 3 regions where the default diode characteristic differs from the real life response. Grid, Plate, Cathode] [Pentode Connections: More complex models can be created either by supplying additional model parameters for the built-in models or by creating subcircuits that represent analogs of the device.

After overcoming initial friction, the domains rotate like small DC motors, to become aligned with the applied field.

Full specifications of the device under test DUT are available in ddatasheet corresponding product data sheet, which should be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the evaluation board. The specific part is obsolete and no longer available.

Ts is the storage time IC1 is the initial collector current when the transistor is saturated IB1 is the forward base current used to turn the transistor on.

LIB file in which the device is located.

ADGF Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices

The topology shown in the subcircuit below will produce the turn-off tail associated with quasi-saturation. These results are then rearranged to adg58fb the equivalent circuit shown in Figure When forward current equals reverse current, the transit time, TT is 1. The main difference in circuitry is that stability compensation is eliminated and the output stage is capable of being adjusted to different levels to accommodate a wide range of binary levels.

The magnetic flux density, B, is a function of the applied MMF, which is proportional to ampere turns.