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The bright blue screen is clear, the tough rubber pads feel nice to play though some included sticks would have been nice and navigating the interface is alrsis.

Alesis Performance Pad Pro review | MusicRadar

Unfortunately, as there are only eight pads, each bass kit can access only eight pitches at a time and the sounds within a kit can’t be individually pitched to form custom user scales, limiting its usefulness. However, only eight levels of velocity is limiting and though Alesis make a lot of the ‘dynamic articulation’ feature, the sounds aren’t that expressive across the velocity or tonal range.


The addition of bass sounds is welcome and there’s a small range of acoustic, electric and synth tones onboard. Perhaps the redeeming thing is that it’s fairly cheap compared to other percussion pads with drum machines, but that shows in its feature set.

As a drum machine its feature set is good, though still quite basic for a ‘pro’ model. In general, it’s not well specced enough as a drum machine or as a percussion controller to really impress.

Image 2 of 2 Sadly, samples can’t be loaded to the Performance Pad Pro. The soundset taken from the SR18 is versatile and sounds good. Thankfully the samples are punchy, cover a lot of stylistic bases and the effects – reverb, EQ, compression – while not the greatest, are useful enough.

Our Verdict It sounds okay and the drum machine is a bonus, but it’s too basic to wear the ‘pro’ badge. There’s also an audio input for practicing along with your beats.

But has this new model quashed those issues? Image 1 of 2 There are eight tough rubber pads on offer here.


For starters, the redesigned hardware looks and feels much better. When we reviewed the original Performance Pad inits dated sound engine was based on the year-old Alesis SR All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more.

There are now sounds onboard compared to on the old Performance Pad and polyphony has been doubled to 32 notes to accomodate the three types of sound available drumset, percussion and bass plus there are now preset and user drum machine patterns onboard, though it’s a shame they can’t all lro overwritten especially as most people don’t just want to use preset beats, as good as they are here.

Cons Not as many features as we’d hoped for.