In an author’s note at the back of her new novel, Alex Flinn writes about reactions to her previous fairy tale pastiche, BEASTLY. She was. year-old Johnny is approached at his family’s struggling shoe repair shop by Princess Victoriana, who asks him to find her brother who was turned into a frog. Cloaked by Alex Flinn. Cloaked book cover. logo logo. Rating / Alex Flinn is synonymous with modern fairytale remakes.

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In the temporal world lives Nevyn, who long ago Then in his quest, we also get parts of the Allex Swans and several other fairy tales. She nods and opens the cage. He tries hard to help his mom, and he has a vision of how things should be.

Cloaked by Alex Flinn

But when she sees me looking at her, she holds up her hands like what are you looking at. She cloakes him a magical cloak that can transport him wherever he wants to go aaaaand the story unfolds.

Said suitor is trying to oppress Victoriana oh God that name is just ridiculous into marrying him; Johnny’s reward for successfully locating the princess’ brother and helping to turn him back into a human is, coincidentally, her hand in marriage. Before anything I have to mention that for some aalex I assumed that this was a cloakd of Red Riding Hoodand for those of you probably not too many because I’m exceptionally dim sometimes who thought it was as well I’m here to tell you it isn’t.

First of all, Johnny pissed me off so much. So without further ado, please to enjoy my review And one hot-looking princess.


It was an unusual and daring experiment to take, but I think it paid off rather well. I believe in magic. Like me, Meg works for her parents, helping out even during the school year.

Now we can read ourselves to sleep with the same fairytales from years ago, but made a bit more modern and funnier for our older brains to enjoy. Of course Johnny doesn’t believe her. Don’t you value my opinion enough not to question it?

That’s often what draws me in, what prompts me to stop in my tracks, pick up the book, and read the inside flap to see if it’s worth buying. May 26, Jackie “the Librarian” rated it really liked it Shelves: Cloaked had its princess.

Ultimately, Cloaked is a cute if not entirely memorable read which I would definitely recommend for those looking for a middle-grade level read, but would hesitate to suggest for an older audience. Now the Frog Prince is missing, Princess Victoriana sees something in Johnny wherein she can trust him to do this magical quest.

I ended up skimming through the second half and wishing that it would be I wasn’t really expecting much from this book don’t really know whyso at least it wasn’t a complete disappointment. Like he was so eloquent!

Cloaked – a YA novel by Alex Flinn

Let’s get back to the story,” even though there wasn’t much of a story in my opinion. I don’t even feel anything. Cloaked – March Group Read 33 28 Apr 06, dloaked The title of “Cloaked” stems from a magic-endowed cloak that transports the wearer anywhere he or she wishes to go by sheer force of thought.


Meg glances at me. In case you were wondering why Alex Flinn seemed to be a part of your consciousness prior to reading this book review. Of course, I want to see her. It is not always easy. Feb 13, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: Surely there is something wrong in the picture? Am I glad I attacked it with this light perspective. It adds to the level of falseness. She lives in Miami with her family. I glance at the elevators.

She wanted to make some other guy jealous, but for a moment on the dance floor, Akex thought there could be something there. When he succeeds this mission by saving the frog prince, he will be marrying the Princess as a reward.

I even knew what The Salad was! It was just so confusing because it was based off of so many different fairy tales that I had trouble of keeping track of what was actually going on. There’s also a lot of too-obvious things in here that was made into a great fuss after being discovered and again, it makes me feel dumb and cheated. I guessed that he would end up with Meg and that the fox was actually his father cloaekd early on. Hell, this could quite possibly be one of my least favorite books I’ve ever read.