American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America is a non-fiction book by American Pulitzer Prize journalist Chris Hedges, published in January. Chris Hedges charts the rise of the US Christian right in American Fascists, says Nicholas Lezard. American Fascists by Chris Hedges – Twenty-five years ago, when Pat Robertson and other radio and televangelists first spoke of the United States becoming a.

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Do I believe in the bible? In my youth it was “The Communists”. Twenty-five years ago, when Pat Robertson and other radio and televangelists first spoke of the United States becoming a Christian nation that would build a global Christian empire, it was hard to take such hyperbolic rhetoric seriously.

American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America by Chris Hedges

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I kept telling my Club friend why I was quitting again.

One result of my reading this book: Why are people who by definition believe in small non-intrusive government being compared to fascists? Basically scaring the hell out of me, pardon the pun to turn my back on the whole damn thing.

Onward to the apocalypse

Now granted there the author did make some hasty generalizations about things and did sugarcoat other groups that were not Christian but the message and correlation to facism was too much to ignore. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Hedges issues a potent, impassioned warning.

His book reminds us of the dangers liberal, democratic societies face when they tolerate the intolerant. We should bear in mind that not only do they believe in the Rapture and that people once co-existed with dinosaurs and that, until the Fall, Tyrannosaurus rex was a vegetarian ; they also believe in a fiery apocalypse and are getting closer and closer to a position in which they can bring it about.

We are a nation built on a variety of creeds, races, ages, cultures, etc. I’m a Christian, and I unashamedly believe in miracles and angels. You will see tableaux of prehistoric children playing with dinosaurs; a scale model of Noah’s ark; a display of the Garden of Eden with carefully positioned nude Adam and Eve, also frolicking with dinosaurs; and, perhaps best of all, a display showing how “a contemporary family experiences daily life without God”.


Today, such language no longer sounds like hyperbole but poses, instead, a very real threat to our freedom and our way of life.

When people come to believe that they are immune from evil, that there is no resemblance between themselves and those they define as the enemy, they will inevitably grow to embody the evil they claim to fight. I got involved in a discussion of it in the comments section of someone fascisst review that got rather Yet this is not important.

We see what the pursuit hegemony has done to Russia and China and we want Despite the constant stream of screaming we receive in both ears regarding America’s cultural and socioeconomic direction, the subject is a matter to be taken seriously.

Pastor Russell Johnson, who leads the Ohio Restoration Project and is, not coincidentally, an unofficial campaigner for Christian Republican candidates for high office, hedgees against an enormous American flag with a cross superimposed on it, saying: The only chapter that serves that purpose is chapter two, cultural despair.

It is a brave and timely book. That’s the reason why I didn’t give it a full-on five-star rating. The idea behind creating an entirely Christian nation as the Christian Right would like to do is not only un-democratic, but it is al So, Ellis and I just finished reading this as Book 1 in our newly-founded 2-person book group, and while it wouldn’t have been my first pick, I actually really enjoyed reading it, and it was an excellent book for discussion.

When liberals like Hedges adopt a similar culture war mentality, they only fortify the divide and lend ammunition to their adversaries. At fascosts school I was inundated with talks of the Rapture, how we had to always prepare for so called “end of days”, how Ouija boards could levitate and destroy themselves if you told them too, and that every second of every day someone was going to hell.

Review: American Fascists by Chris Hedges | Books | The Guardian

A Plea To America By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Behavior is an observable and measurable thing, and Hedges approaches his cchris with notepad and pen in hand, relaying to us all of the chtis he observes at various church functions, political rally’s, and fundraisers. On the surface, his argument is obvious at points, as this group is already much maligned by mainstream media and the liberal elite.


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American Fascists

The most important message that comes out of this book is that these groups do have a right to exist. The Best Books of So why the four stars? The Christian right is, though, “a sworn anerican potent enemy of the open society”, which is just about as bad; and the book is a kind of checklist in which you can tick off their characteristics against those of their predecessors: His main argument is that the figureheads of the Christian Right are purposely distorting Christianity to serve their grab for raw power and institutionalize a Christo-fascist state.

And because fundamentalist followers live in a binary universe, they are incapable of seeing others as anything more than inverted reflections of themselves. I can’t tell you how much that disturbed me, especially when I recollect the Republican Primary. In short, their aim is to turn the US into a Christian ameriican and thereby enforce a Christian global fascista.

We don’t have all the answers to life’s questions, nor are fascidts meant to. America will suddenly become a Third World power, and Europe, ruled by the Antichrist, will dominate the planet. As such, I can only give this book a full five stars for its foresight and accuracy being written inA year before Obama came into office. In “Ameri Twenty-five years ago, when Pat Robertson and other radio and televangelists first spoke of the United States becoming a Christian nation that would build a fascizts Christian empire, it was hard to take such hyperbolic rhetoric seriously.

But the ideological architecture of a Christian fascism is being cemented in place.