The Christ Myth by Arthur Drews. Book Cover. Download; Bibrec Uniform Title, Die Christusmythe. English. Title, The Christ Myth. Language. This is Klaus Schilling’s summary in English of Arthur Drews’ article “Die A. Drews: Christusmythe zweiter Teil: Die Zeugnisse für die Geschichtlichkeit Jesu. Okt. In , the philosopher Arthur Drews unleashed a brief but furious debate when he published Die Christusmythe, in which he denied the.

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Drews stresses that in the Germany of the s, the genuineness of those four chief “Paulinae” i. One has srthur understand why, at the end of his life, Drews was expressing a hope for a renewal of Germany.

Both the Old Testament and New Testament are denied scriptural value. The hidden docetic background of Mark’s gospel has been revealed already earlier by other scholars.

Strauss was thus about the first dgews consequently dared to carry over mythical explanations to the New Testament, as others did earlier with the Old Testament. Also Jesus is seen as Hellenization of a conflation of two different Semitic terms.

The extrachristian testimonies for Jesus are dishonestly used with even more recklessly increased sophistry. Friedrich Nietzsche had become a prominent cultural icon while Richard Wagner was a highly controversial personality. Theologians have a ready-made “psychological” excuse to explain Paul’s silence on Jesus’ life: Drews derived additional key ideas from Albert Kalthoff — To bind up religion with history, as modern theologians do, and to represent christusmyfhe historical religion as the need of modern man, is no proof of insight, but of a determination This cannot be construed as a claim that Drews was a social anti-semite, as he was firmly opposed to social anti-semitism.

The struggle with the Pharisees is completely unfounded. Howell Smith and Archibald Robertson popularized the use of mythicist L19, i.

The Christ Myth – Wikipedia

Dupuis, pantheist and multitalented scholar of late 18th century, studied the origin of religion in general from astral mythology. He supposes a general law behind the evolution of religion. Chritsusmythe is a preface of sorts to a more ambitious project on the myth theory itself and what we can reliably know—if anything—about the historical Jesus. A catalogue of 64 p. Drews reproached Nietzsche for being an apostle of unbridled individualism — a stance which put Drews in an awkward position in the German establishment.


The major images show the god being born from a rock. The most important part of the Gospels, besides the logia, are miracles. Eine Auseinandersetzung mit Kalthoff, Drews, Jensen Die synoptischen Evangelien, ihr Ursprung und ihr geschichtlicher Charakter The conversion of Paul in the Acts of the Apostles is a mere forgery from various Tanakh passages.

Vollers came closer to the denial of the historicity of Jesus. Drews was considered a dissenter. The collection was a gift from a collector, and the catalogue PDF is accessible online. He rejected the attempt of liberal theologians like Albert Schweitzer to idolize a historical Jesus as a unique personality, which he asserted was the result of The Great Man Theory subjected to modern manipulations by scholars of the Historical Theology school.

This page was last edited on 17 Augustat Lublinski wrote a similar book back then, showing the backgrounds of the time that brought forth Christianity.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? His work was drewd or grossly misrepresented and discredited in major German reference books. Hartmann published his work Philosophy of the Unconsciousin Jensen was a scholar of Mesopotamian history and Semitic languages.

In the eyes of the spectator, and succeeding tales, Judah became the big traitor. See our Returns Policy. Hartmann had been strongly influenced by Schopenhauer and his pessimism and had embraced Darwinism and history.

It was conceded that even Mark’s gospel is no longer a historical account, but dogmatic literature. The consensus was that only a very chrsitusmythe research of the Gospels, after banning anything supernatural, arthuf lead to an acceptable result.

Arthur Drews

Falsely so-called proofs about the human Jesus, like Flavius Drew, are easily dismissed as chatty hearsays or interpolations. He was a religious activist, willing to descend into the public forum, stand up for his views, and harangue the crowds.

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Book on Demand Pod 6 February Language: The concept of the unconscious mind das Unbewusstsein became the new form of the ultimate reality, the Absoluteor the Geistor World Spirit of Hegelcombining pantheism with rational idealism with the double attributes of will and reason.

The gist of his position in large measure was like the mythical theory of David Strauss, which created a sensation fifty years ago. And seeing historicity there is only possible with wishful liberal-Protestant thinking. All the Pseudopaulinics, along with Luke’s, are to be explained as of Gnostic origin, domesticated after tormenting struggles.

Contrary to their hopes, the German Faith movement never became endorsed as a Nazi party organization, never obtained the privileges Hauer was seeking, and never achieved its latent goal of becoming legitimized as the state religion by the NSDAP, in a vain hope to duplicate the endorsement of the Catholic Church by the Roman Emperor Theodosius in Christusmyteh.

He was mentioned in the German media mostly for having advocated the need for a religion renewal, and in the literature about Wagner and Nietzsche.

Christianity also can’t be seen as a social movement; its base class is a magical one, not a socio-economical one. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

AchernNazi Germany. Germany was going through a craze christusnythe forming all kinds of associations for matters of public concern, including religion. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. This involves both a redeemer legend and the statement about a particular person, having lived in Palestine around years ago, being that God-sent Messiah.