Test Procedure of ASTM D – 06 Standard Test: The apparatus for the Marshall Stability test consists of the following: Specimen mould assembly comprising. ASTM DStandard Test Method for Marshall Stability and Flow of Bituminous Mixtures_建筑/土木_工程科技_专业资料。ASTM的沥青混合. Preparation of Marshall Specimens (from bituminous mixes). ASTM D PROCEDURE (continued) e. Specimens conditioned to specified temperature.

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If you feel that your comments have not received a asym hearing you should make your views known to the ASTM Committee on Standards, at the address shown below. It is provided with a gear system to lift the upward direction. Other types of compaction may cause specimens to have different stress strain characteristics than specimens prepared by Marshall impact compaction.

The flow is measured as the deformation in units of 0. Marshall stability and astk may also be determined using field cores aztm in situ pavement for information or evaluation. A dummy specimen with a thermocouple can be used to monitor temperature. For the purpose of mix design, Marshall stability and?

ASTM D standar In addition, Marshall stability and flow can be used to monitor the plant process of producing asphalt mixture.

Flexible Pavement Definition and Explanation. Prior to the test, the operator can impose travel limits for automatically ending the test. Geometry of guide system optional but must be appreciably free of both play and binding.

Flow meter consists of guide, sieve and gauge.

The magnitude of Marshall Stability varies with aggregate type and grading and bitumen type, grade and amount. The above test properties may also be weighted differently to reflect a particular mix design philosophy. Various agencies have criteria for Marshall stability. d697


ASTM D6927

For the purpose of mix design, Marshall stability and flow test results should consist d69227 the average of a minimum of three specimens at each increment of binder content where the binder content varies in one-half percent increments over a range of binder content.

One source of error in testing? Stability, flow, density, air voids, and voids filled with asphalt binder, may be plotted against binder content to allow selection of an optimum binder content for the mixture.

These results do not include application of the density limitation in Asrm Method Asstm Stay informed – subscribe to our newsletter. There is no ideal value but there are acceptable limits. Lubricate guide rods so that the upper test head segment slides freely over them. The load jack, DC motor and controls are housed in an ergonomic cabinet.

This facilitates adequate space for placing test head system after one specimen has been tested.

ASTM D – 06 Standard Test Method for Marshall Stability and Flow of Bituminous Mixtures

In addition, a mixture design may be required to meet minimum voids in the mineral 6d927 based on nominal maximum aggregate size in the mixture. Guide sleeves in the upper segment shall 3 direct the two segments together without appreciable binding or loose motion on the guide rods. The Marshall 6 Stability is de? In addition, Marshall stability and?

Reliable results depend on many factors; following the suggestions of Specification D or some similar acceptable guideline provides a means of evaluating and controlling some of those factors. Last previous edition approved in as D — The specimens should have the same aggregate type, quality, and grading; the same mineral? The dial gauge of the flow meter should be able to measure accurately the total vertical moment upward.

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The firmware allows performance of transducer calibrations and setting of up to 10 test profiles, saving data onboard. The correlation ratio is used in the following manner. The machine is fit with a precision strain gauge load cell and displacement transducer, both connected to the Digimax The Marshall Test can be conducted with two different types of equipment: This test attempts to get the optimum binder content for the aggregate mix type and traffic intensity.

The activating pin of the gage shall slide inside the guide sleeve with minimal friction and the guide sleeve shall slide freely over the guide post see Fig.

No external transducer is required for displacement measurement. Highway Drainage Design, Structures and Guidelines. Marshall compression tester A bench mounted compression frame with motor and worm gear housed within the base unit. The load jack produces a uniform vertical moment of 5 cm per minute. The dial indicator should be graduated in increments of 0. These devices must be designed to measure and record the same relative movement between the top of the guide post and the upper breaking head.

The ring dynamometer should be attached to the testing frame see ring holding bar, Fig.