This is the Italian version of Athenaze. It copies the natural learning style of Lingua Latina, but for learning Ancient Greek. This is volume 2. Please see my other. The Italian Athenaze is not quite as fully integrated or perfected as LLPSI (my Macintosh-computer-loving mind makes the comparison of an. Download Athenaze Italiano. Description. Download Athenaze Italiano Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Account Login · Register. Search.

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Horae quidem cedunt et dies et menses et anni, nec praeteritum tempus umquam revertitur nec quid sequatur sciri potest.

I found this disappointing: The Italian version of Athenaze, which first appeared all the way back inhas long remained something of a mythical creature for a lot of English language students. For what it’s worth, I personally think Paulus sounds like a good teacher and even now, much older and at university, the teachers I remember with fondness were the ones that challenged us like that Would an ancient language novice be able to go through italano Italian Athenaze no problem?

Some of them loathe it. The Worst of Times The result is a text which teaches Greek in Greek, and that contains detailed grammatical explanations in Italian; but I find they are somewhat unnecessary, fortunately. Go and read this post here and the comments! Which has absolutely nothing to do with what I was talking about. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Italian Athenaze is not quite as fully integrated or perfected as LLPSI my Macintosh-computer-loving mind makes the comparison of an Apple with its unified OS and hardware, while a PC has different hardware and athenazw designersbut it is still many leagues farther advanced and improved over the English Athenaze, in my opinion.


Ἀθήνᾱζε Α [Athènaze I]

I purchased it in a bookstore there, and though I have yet to dedicate serious time to Greek study, I am delighted that I can read iraliano New Testament with minimal effort. He itliano he is a less than stellar student. July 3, By thepatrologist in Uncategorized 1 Comment. LLPSI is litterally fully illustrated, and through those illustrations depicts all that one need learn completely through context, without the need for any translation into the vernacular whatsoever.

Ahtenaze edited by paulusnb on Tue May 19, I, Lex Llama, super genius, will one day rule this planet! If she doesn’t know how to spell a word, how in the world is a dictionary going to help? Introduzione al greco anticoin 2 volumes. You hold a kid to what they are capable of, not what they are willing to give.

italuano I have been telling them what 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person is all year, ever week. They are not known for their speed. Untilwhen L.

So, you want to know about the Italian Athenaze?

These are choices, not abilities. I, like Luke the Horse, also find the Orberg approach rather pleasant.

I studied Greek years ago and I teach Latin now, so the difficulties of an ahhenaze system are not that difficult to me. On the subject he was audibly mute.

Athenaze, of course, is the venerable Oxford produced Classical Greek course first produced in and now into its third edition. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I have been done a great wrong, for I have a Greek exam next Wednesday and am struggling incessantly in order to memorise and be able to utilise the grammar in time despite a years of instruction, whereas I do learn rather quickly from the LL method.


If you have done a Greek course before, and want a sustained reading-based approach, you could make use of this without great difficulty. As for the girl who cries at the thought of a dictionary, I sympathize with her. Oh how you have disabused me of my pretensions to teaching. I like atnenaze learn through stories. Return to Learning Greek. Quod cuique temporis ad vivendum datur, eo debet esse contentus. You can view a description of the volumes and view a generous, extended preview of the texts, on the Vivarium Novum site here: My Greek learning was quite limited to the standard sorts of texts that Textkit, thank heavens, offers, but I did not have quite the patience, and wanted to learn Greek in Greek.

It used to be much harder to order these outside Italy, but if you can navigate Italian Amazon, you can get them.

Athenaze: learning ancient Greek with the nature method

You are commenting using your WordPress. Yet, some still do not know what it is. Except for the vocab, the Italian in the book is not necessary, and the vocab is usually pretty simple Italian.