Baagh o bahar by Mir Amman. Identifier BaghOBaharPdfUnicode. Identifier-ark ark://t7wm6dv4c. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Ppi Bagh-o Bahar (Qisa Chahar Darwesh) by Mir Aman Dehlvi Nikah o Talaq Aur Hamari Zimedariyan by Mufti Muhammad ZakirIn “Ikhlaqiat”. BAGH-O-BAHAR or. Tales of the Four MIR AMMAN OF DIHLI, by. DUNCAN ( another famous Fort William story, in Hindi, Urdu, and English). ~~~~~~~~~~~.

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Written by Mir Amman in in the spoken language of the day, the book, a dastan, or tale, was in essence way ahead of the tastes of its time that favoured a classical and ornate style of prose.

The main topics I want to mention are: Mir Amman is also held responsible for spreading the erroneous belief that some consider krdu true even today: Azad Bakht, the king, has a son, his heir-apparent. It has since run into many editions and regaled readers of all generations and in most parts of the country. I haven’t censored their views in any way.

Bagh O Bahar Pdf Unicode

Suhail Abbas Khan, a young scholar from Multan currently serving the Osaka University, deserves full marks for the work he has done. Yet they meet, chat and share their experiences without fear or inhibition. Westview Press,p. Patience and forbearance has its rewards.

In the three successive introductions Smith’s; Forbes’s as editor of Smith’s; and Forbes’s in his own rightwe see two kinds of progression: Mir Amman’s introduction to Bagh-o-bahar famously provides an early account of the history of the Urdu language.

In Bagh-o-bahar too, an anecdote about Hatim’s generosity is what first motivates the quest of the Second Darvesh. This page was last modified on 4 Novemberat I had planned to go on to discuss Tahsin’s Nau tarz-e murassa’ early ‘sand Mir Amman’s huge and flagrantly unacknowledged debt to it, and the connection of both these qissahs to the Persian story tradition.

But then, Bagh-o-Bahar is not a historian’s account or a chronicle of contemporary events. Not only is he a thoroughly capable researcher, but he’s also a landmark in his own right: The ones in the Bibliography are the main scholarly ones only; there are literally dozens of others floating around in bookstores and libraries; there are definitely Devanagari ones too.


The particular copy I’m using comes from my own collection, and it’s sacrificing its frail life with the stress of being handled, read, and scanned. This is a collection of articles archived for the excellence of their content. If you’re interested in such comparisons, check them out in the Aarne-Thompson index.

Although the skill of Mir Amman as a writer may have come to the notice of the British in those days, it had not been recognized by any Urdu-speaking person. But now comes the new and very interesting and mostly enjoyable part of the present project: In the text itself, Forbes uses square brackets, so anything I insert will be in double square brackets.

It was generally believed that when Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia fell ill, his disciple Ameer Khusrau used to narrate the story of four dervishes to help soothe his pains. Those whose image of Urdu literature is built on filmi songs and gajals as against ghazals will do well to turn to this slim volume, ably edited and translated by Mohammed Zakir of the Jamia Millia Islamia, to get a feel of the development of Urdu prose.

For further discussion see Chapter One, pp. They capture moments of joy and happiness in their lives, as also their trials and tribulations. Views Read View source View history. In fact, Mir Amman eulogised the contemporary governor-general, Warren Hastings, and his “ingenious” administration.

Bagh-o-Bahar – Indpaedia

While writing the dialogues, he reproduced the language spoken by the men and women in the street, keeping an eye on idiomatic and literary expressions amzn narrating the events. I am bringing on, with a great flourish, a fascinating pair of joined-at-the-hip translator-annotators who will act as guest editors for this extremely important text. All is well that ends well. Other than inserting the [S: This Bagh-o-bahar i is turning out to be even more complex, and more multivalently useful, than I expected it to be.

Somebody once actually insisted to me that he had also invented the sari. Unlike many of his co-religionists from his class who grudged British rule, he shed his inhibitions and joined an institution created by the East India Company. Forbes’s careful diacritics have been lost to the exigencies of online display, but since I’m providing jpg images of a large chunk of the Urdu text, and since the whole Urdu text is widely available, this shouldn’t inconvenience anyone unduly.


There aren’t too many of these, for in fact Forbes uses almost all Smith’s notes, though often in substantially reworked forms.

Listen to what the prince of Neemroz had to say: Bagh-o-bahar is also part of the great international folktale and fairy-tale and romance ocean that includes on the high end the Arabian Nightsthe Kathasaritsagarathe Decameronand countless other such texts, and on the low im the ever-spreading and intermingling waves of oral storytelling and folk narrative that baagh them with raw material. You can help by converting these articles into an encyclopaedia-style entry, deleting portions of the kind normally not used in encyclopaedia entries.

Everything I’ve said above amounts to a revisiting and pulling-together of things I’ve been working on for years. And third, they aim to help the learner bahhar a good understanding of Urdu: He also published an edition of Haidari’s Tota kahanianother Fort William qissah text. Over the last two centuries, Bagh-o-bahar has received a really extraordinary amount of attention.

Like so many other things about Bagh-o-baharit has proved to be lastingly influential.

Even after the lapse of years, his garden has not withered. Eventually, though not at once, it became known as a strong influence on the development of Urdu prose. Cross-cultural plot comparisons bayar all kinds constantly present themselves: In fact, as ‘Abdul Haq documents very clearly, Mir Amman closely followed an earlier Amaan text itself translated somewhat freely from a Persian originalTahsin’s Nau tarz-e murassa’ [New Style of Adornment], composed in the early ‘s.