(Un)arranged Marriage by Bali Rai – book cover, description, publication history. The young-adult novel (Un)Arranged Marriage is the first novel by the British- Indian author Bali Rai (born in Leicester, England). (Un)arranged Marriage has ratings and 95 reviews. Kirsty said: This is the first book I’ve read for pleasure since I completed my 3rd year at univers.

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I also like the author, Bali Rai, he writes in a good way so that everyone understands. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He finds the ignorance and racism of his family difficult to bear, particularly as his best friend is black and he falls for a white girl.

We’ve recently read this book in school and my personal opinion about the book is that it’s a really good book for people in our age I’d always heard great things, my sister is a fan and I was really impressed when I met him on an author visit a couple of years ago.

In the book you also get to know Mannys best friend Adyand his girlfriend Sarah. The Boy with the Topknot Sathnam Sanghera. I think this book is very good, I really enjoyed reading it.

Unarranged Marriage Author s: Refresh and try again. On the final day, his father is again extremely nice to him and calm and friendly. I’d been wanting to read a book by Bali Rai for such a long time but never got around to it. Getting forced into a marriage when your seventeen is something we could never imagine, and by your parents.


Dec 03, Stina Emriksson rated it really liked it. Manjit has no intention of getting married until he is ready, and to a girl of his choice but he is being badly bullied by his brothers and his father, his mother is an expert in the art of em I really liked this book I found it quite an unusual twist on martiage general picture we have in the west of girls being forced into an arranged marriage.

(Un)arranged Marriage

Made me re think about the whole culture from a different angle. Here are the instructions of how to unarrsnged JavaScript in your browser. Don’t think I ever would’ve read it on my own, but safe to say it wasn’t a complete waste of time. You do not hear so much about boys getting arranged marriages.

The story is about inner fight and struggling within your own family Super good book. The day he will be married — prearranged by his parents in the Punjabi way. During summer break Manny often breaks out of home to go hang out with Ady.

Although Manjit does not tell him the reason for his behaviour, Mr Sandhu presumes conflicts in his family due to his relationship with Lisa. Some of it is set in the Punjab, which as I’ve been to Jalandhar, which also features made it particularly interesting to me.

(Un)Arranged Marriage | Books | The Guardian

More books like this. From a readers ari it is very good that the book is divided into four parts, making it easier to fallow the course of the book. He feels miserable and angry and thinks everybody betrayed him. Due to his different attitude unarrange arranged marriages he decides to help Manny to flee the country which he can accomplish due bai his wealth.


None of the rest of the family notices that Manny escapes because Jag put weed in their food. His father is a small-minded drunk who is obsessed with the traditional idea of what a good Punjabi is do as a you are told and stick to your own basically. There are several parallels between the author, Bali Rai, and the protagonist of Un arranged MarriageManny.

Marrixge general the book was very good, but I would have liked if there would have been less names, more details in the end and a more detailed explanation on why Manny and Lisa broke up. Trivia About Un arranged Marr Concluding, the reviewers come to the opinion that un arranged marriage is a young adult novel without high literary claim that deals with an important issue.

(Un)Arranged Marriage

The language is easy which makes it makes it even easier to understand. The decisions are made by him. Mar 02, Julie rated it really liked it. In my point of view the ending of the book is really good, it is not the ending that you expect. He endures years of beatings from his alcoholic father and emotional blackmail from his mother.

Bali hopes his novels capture the unique ethnic mix of the UK, of which he is proud to be a part. I strongly recommend it!