BATAVIA’S GRAVEYARD: The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History’s Bloodiest Mutiny. Mike Dash, Author. Crown $25 (p) ISBN. Batavia’s Graveyard has ratings and reviews. Jan-Maat said: Where to -fiction story of a shipwreck. A Dutch East India company ship. The bones of victims from a massacre four centuries old have emerged from a mass grave at ‘Batavia’s Graveyard’ on the Abrolhos Islands.

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A great true story. She later claimed to have recognised the voice of Jan Evertsz, a man devoted to the captain. Oct 20, Vincent Hernot rated it it was ok. Personalised content reflecting your interests on the site Watch exclusive videos before anyone else Favourite content that you like or want to check out later Free SMS and Email reminders so you never miss a show Get notified when content that interests you is published Share your photos on Snap!

Batavia’s Graveyard

I’m not sure this was the best choice for that! I knew nothing of this episode, and while I do know a lot about it now, it’s obvious there’s actually little to know He aspired to a life of piracy and manipulated several people into committing all manner of atrocity, the most chilling being the hanging of an infant.

During the Indian Ocean crossing Pelsaert fell seriously ill and remained mostly in his cabin.

Skipper Jacobsz was arrested, again on Pelsaert’s word, for negligence. The subtitle points to the narrative focus and I disagree with the author’s conclusion of “mad”, but at least they’re upfront about the body rgaveyard. Once the killing began, I read compulsively on to find out what would ultimately happen to the dwindling number of sane and civilized people left on the chain of islands.

Bastiaenz was one of the few to survive and he described his ordeal in a letter that survived. After reading this, I tried to read another shipwreck story with mutiny involved, and it paled in comparison to the point where Batavua couldnt even read it.

What sets this shipwreck tale apart is not the depiction of the harrowing conditions that followed, although harrowing they were, but of the survivors’ “Lord of the Flies”-esque descent into savagery, led by a psychopathic Svengali figure, one Jeronimus Bwtavia, a failed apothecary and heretic. Two men were left behind as punishment, while it was decided that some of the lesser offenders were to be taken back to Batavia.


Australia’s Bloodiest Shipwreck

Open Preview See a Problem? Watch exclusive videos before anyone else. Based on extensive research, including ship’s logs, the Dutch Trading Company’s VOC records, memoirs and letters of several principals involved btaavia even anthropological evidence unearthed in the ‘s and 70’s, one is swept into a fascinating look at how a voyage of commerce to the East Indies ended in shipwreck, followed by the breakdown of civil behavior among the survivors and leading to graveyardd murders of dozens of innocent people for no reason other than to satisfy the blood lust of the leader of a relatively at first small number of mutineers.

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Unfortunately, he would need to rely on his skipper, a man whose drunken and violent behaviour, gravfyard had reprimanded on his return trip to Holland from India, thus making an enemy for life, and sowing the seeds for the tragedy to come. Batavia sailed under commandeur and upper-merchant Francisco Pelsaert and was captained by Ariaen Jacobsz.

Feb baatvia, Gary Brecht rated it really liked it. But the Spouse saw a documentary on the subject, which was excellent, and my response to hearing about a great narrative is always to read a book.

But while the author does not flinch from a full reporting of the horrific violence which permeated the “Batavia” saga, neither does he wallow in it gratuitously. There’s no point telling what the book is about, because the whole thing is too unlikely. Dash presents a lot of detail and information in an exceptionally readable manner.

Batavia’s History | Western Australian Museum

I give this book five stars because it is meticulously researched, very well-written, and because I will remember the name Batavia for the rest of my life.

The commander of the ship and the skipper evaded the mutineers by escaping in a tiny lifeboat and setting a course for Java—some 1, miles north—to summon help.

I am glad I now know this story but I feel like I am not the target audience. But on the other hand, in the absence of his two superiors, Jeronimus Cornelisz was left in charge of the survivors. All in all, great for the history, but none of the emotional attachment of similar books. As such Mr Dash writes on the early days of Dutch East Indies trade, the heretical Anabaptists, and early contact with Australia via the tale of psychopathic heretic Jeronimus Cornelisz, the heroic protagonist Weibbe Hayes, and the merchant Francisco Pelsaert, played out on a coral atoll now called Houtman Abrolhos.


Wreck of the Medusa: Legal records show that there was one additional mutineer at the questioning, about whom all we know is that he had two missing teeth. However, shortly after leaving Cape Town the ships lost sight of each other and the Batavia was alone. May 27, Pages. That’s the most salient part: Sometimes the super foreign names were hard to follow and I speak German, which is somewhat close to Dutch and I never was able to care about any of the characters.

Currently, there’s a lot of misplaced longing for a past that is supposed to somehow be more moral, noble, chivalrous, and such. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Such tragedy that had been forgotten. It’s meant to inform the reader in ways that challenge our understanding of history, and that illuminate what it’s possible to “know” with certainty after the fact. Missing teeth would have been an inconvenience for a sailor, especially when chewing on salted meat and hard biscuits, and would have given him an appearance considered somewhat fearsome by ordinary townsmen, who would have kept their teeth clean by scraping them with forked twigs and salt paste.

Trivia About Batavia’s Graveya Batavia’s Graveyard First edition. My impression of about half of the book: Refresh and try again.

Australia’s Bloodiest Shipwreck | Australia | National Geographic AU – National Geographic

Recently, gold coins, diamonds and artefacts were found among the wreckage on WA’s ‘treasure graveyxrd. Being somewhat off of established trade routes how can help be obtained? The book had me caught up in the story so much it was like reading about a current disaster in the newspaper.