Get BlueAnt Wireless X5i Bluetooth Headset User Manual. Get all BlueAnt Wireless manuals! 6Product Features (X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset). List of all equipment and user manuals BlueAnt Wireless, stored in the category Bluetooth 13, BlueAnt Wireless X5 user manual ยท BlueAnt Wireless X5. The Missing Manual J.D. Biersdorfer Blue Ant X5 Bluetooth stereo headphones . Lose the uncomfortable earbuds and the wires, too, with these wireless.

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Also, is the connection time for Stereo Headset and Audio Streamerthe same if I use fully charged batteries? Check our website for updated manuals, more information, andtroubleshooting assistance www.


Images seen in this manual are for illustrations only. Should you be having difficulties in the operation of your X5, please first refer to the F.

I am having trouble pairing a second phone, what can I do? The X5 will remain connected within a range of 10 meters so if you are staying near the device but want to take calls through the phone simply switch the X5 off. Connect the Audio Streamer into the PC by plugging one end of Y-cable into the Audio Streamer and the other two ends into audio in and mic.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

X5i Stereo Bluetooth Headset8. What is the main difference between the X5 Stereo and otherBluetooth devices? X5i Stereo Bluetooth HeadsetScatternet ConnectionScatternet Connection refers to the ability of one Bluetooth device toconnect to two devices simultaneously.

Tell us about it. Refer to your Phone User Guide for any additional steps 6. Battery level can be checked by color of LED. Page 36 Product Warranty Blueant Wireless Pty Ltd warrants this product bljeant all defects in material and workmanship blusant a period of two years for the X5 Headset and Streamer and six months for batteries, from the date of purchase by end user. Continuous listening of music at high volume may cause hearing defects.


To end the call, press the MFB once. When in use, the X5 battery bleuant last for 12hrs.

Also, is the connection time for Blueabt Headset and Audio Streamer the same if I use fully charged batteries? MP3 phone and which will accommodate 3. Can I transfer an ongoing mobile phone call back to my phone to continue it there?

BlueAnt Wireless X5i : Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Check your phones manual or our compatibility list on the Blueant website for compatible devices. Also See for X5 Comparison chart – 1 page Quick start manual – 2 manuxl Frequently asked questions manual – 8 pages. Page 34 X5i Stereo Bluetooth Headset A low battery can be the cause of bad voice quality. To make a call, dial from the mobile phone and when the dial tone isheard, click MFB once to switch over to Headset. This only applies to a few mainly older Bluetooth manal phones as most new phones have better security.

Some phones may require this if it is the second device used. Can I use the X5 Stereo to listen to music from my mobile? The X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset is a high quality wireless audio devicethat provides users with audio entertainment and voice functions at its bestwhile giving complete freedom from physical wires. With the bundled Audio Streamer, the X5Stereo can be used with any audio source.


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Blueant InterPhone Comparison Chart 1 page. Page of 37 Go. Should bluenat be having difficulties in the operation of your X5, please firstrefer to the F. For a list of A2DP compatible phones, check out For Bluetooth security reasons, once you have set up your Bluetoothdevices we recommend turning OFF the visibility option in the BluetoothMenu of your phone so that other Bluetooth users cannot see your device.

Never touch the electric cord or plug with wet hands and mmanual use force to pull the cord or plug.

manuual Got it, continue to print. Blueant X5 Quick Start Manual 2 pages. Page 24 X5i Stereo Bluetooth Headset Batteries used in Stereo Headset and Audio Streamer are the same and theplaytime for a well charged battery is minimum 12 hours and maximum 16hours depending on the listening volume.

Page 31 X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset 8.

Maunal only applies to a few mainly older Bluetooth enabled phones as mostnew phones have better security. I am having trouble pairing a second phone, what can I do? Page 26 X5i Manuaal Bluetooth Headset7. To pair Audio Streamer with Headset, first put Headset into pairingmode. Bluetooth signals are radio waves and so, do not need line of sight tooperate.

The conditions for warranty are as follows: How does the X5 Stereo use Bluetooth technology? X5i Stereo Bluetooth Headset7.

Toreconnect Audio Streamer with Headset, simply power on both devices andthey will be connected automatically. Can I use it?