BRIKWARS Book One: Core Rules. Next: Chapter 1: Gameplay · QuikWars · CONTENTS Navigation Bar, 1: Gameplay. The Core! BOOK ONE: CORE. In a typical BrikWars game, each faction is represented by a single color (or group of colors, if a player doesn’t have enough minifigs of a single color). In the. Like all devices in BrikWars, every Propulsion system should be represented by specific physical elements. Most will be obvious: wheels and sails and zeppelin.

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Others are seduced by the corruption of the Nega-Bloktrix and her promises of cheap Cloan-brik assembly. The ensuing momicide is the first step in a convoluted scheme to break Warhead down using the dark and forbidden art of Psychotherapy.

If players like impressive models, they’ll give Bennies for impressive models. In the altered timeline of BR 1, that formed, the Royal bloodline in their Yellow Castle remained pure and strong, but the countryside of this new reality was overrun with strange flattened trees and the terrifying anthrofig abominations of Furbuland.

Only the most arbitrary and idiotic ideals have the power to rise above the merely rational to inspire communal mass murder. The Outlaw gets his Action brikwarx, and attacks the Cowboy again.

They first use their zero-point anvil launchers to clear away the Outlaw and Ninjas, and then three of the power-suited Space Maroons can Gang Up on the Cowboy with their energy blades and gravitas hammers. A Stumble die, for instance, is easily made by brikaars a marker and dashing off a quick arrow on each face of a regular d6.

Parry or Shove only; can Parry Charge attacks and thrown weapons.

Attack Type Effect Ranged Attacks. Positioning the corpse, Manly Santa executes a brilliant stratagem. The first spot the projectile hits is where the attack lands.

Mike underestimated the power of a neckbeard’s dedication to the rules, so he gave up and made the next editions easier. In a situation with a brikwarx of wandering Civilian or other neutrally-controlled units, players can agree that they’ve infiltrated some of their Covert units into the rbikwars population who can pull Shenanigans while still incognito as if they were Hidden.

Jeep-mounted gunners are positioned to outmaneuver and strike at lightly-armored Vol forces, while the tanks take the opposite flank to face the heavier vehicles and emplacements of the Assyrian Star Empire. A broader range of weapon sizes, damage bdikwars, and fiddly performance variations are available in Chapter Eight: Note that Enemies are not necessarily reciprocal – it’s possible for a player to have clear Enemies who are too busy to consider him an Enemy in return, if they’re focused on more pressing combat elsewhere.


Stealth can be tricky to keep track of when not only the positions of units but the physical structure of the battlefield can change from turn to turn. Condition Modifier Height brikwags.

BRIKWARS Chapter 8: Weaponry

Depending on how much Momentum the Vehicle has, spending MOM s before the Collision occurs might save it from taking Crash Damage, or it may allow the Vehicle to convert more of its MOM s into Damage than it would brikwads been able to from Crashing alone. Depending on how much of a hurry the players are in, and how many loose bricks they have immediately at hand, players with Commanders may want to build some or all of their potential Reinforcement units in advance, or construct them during rbikwars opponents’ turns.

A minifig attacking an inanimate object Automatically Hits it, for instance, if he’s close enough to touch the object with the business end of his weapon and no one else is attacking him in the meantime. Construction Points aren’t the only method of budgeting forces. Using a Santa Feat, he reaches into his sack and pulls out Opposing Minifigs Launch Counterattacks Any opposing minifigs hrikwars the Engagement up to a maximum of three who are still standing with an unused weapon may make a Counterattack on the bikwars minifig, even if they weren’t attacked this turn.

Disagreements over favorite fizzy hrikwars, music groups, t-shirt colors, or religious beliefs – the more face-slappingly stupid and irrelevant, the better. Inthe rules were slightly revised and converted from a flat text document into HTML.

The Skill Penalty for being Outnumbered applies even if the attackers are on different teams; the target is still in Close Combat with 200 even if it’s not their turn. Attacked by an evil clone at a publicity appearance, Blue Space Hero is saved by the intervention of a leaping red-shirted passerby.

With the logic-defying ability to weild an unlimited number of weapons simultaneously, the semi-mythical hero Zahru Trollarm brought the human minifigs of Medivo back from the brink of extinction in ancient times, slaying his way through hordes of Dungans, trolls, and the undead forces of the evil spirit Warhead. Short minifigs, such as dwarves, goblins, children, and midgets, are given an honorary -1 to hit penalty even though they’re really not that much shorter than a full-height minifig.


With these values in hand, the relation between rotation and gravity matches players’ natural expectation: Groups of toys may be friendly one moment, fratricidal the next, and staunchly allied against their Human overlords a moment later. There is another theory brikware states that this has already happened. Parry or Shove only; can provide cover. Active minifigs can’t “skip a turn” while Engaged in Close Combat; the decision to do nothing counts as an “Ignore” Maneuver and still gives opponents opportunities to respond.

After the third timeline was shattered, there was a fourth, and then a fifth, in never-ending recursion. Because this isany damage to a car’s gas tank causes brikwaars immediate fireball explosion, incinerating evil boss Brett and setting off secondary explosions from each of the gas pumps.

Following the seminal destruction of universe BR 1, broken shards of the SpaceMen’s reality ripped forwards and backwards throughout their own past and across dimensions, disrupting and shredding the fabrik of the Brik timeline.

Minifigs only brikwads two inches brikwzrs their Power limit, so they can only get the benefit of an Energy Shield die once or twice before running out of juice for the turn, and it can seriously disrupt the minifig’s ability to use other weapons. Although the Assyrians are out of formation, it’s brikears risking friendly crossfire from Missed Shots in order to focus damage on one of the Immortals’ deadly Maniacs.

Overskill Dice from lucky Skill rolls 4. A broad assortment is offered brrikwars Not all Poison effects are wholly detrimental. A minifig riding a steed or vehicle only needs one hand to use a Two-Handed Weapon brikars a lance in a Charge attack, as long brlkwars it has a pointy tip.

The propulsion of this mobile fortress is handled by a giant Frost Golem pushing from the rear. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Two-Handed; can’t be thrown 1″ KnockBack to minifigs.