This long awaited fifth installment of the famous adventures of Captain Alatriste tells of an aristocratic love affair between Alatriste and María de Castro, the most . “Don Francisco de Quevedo me dirigió una mirada que interpreté como era debido, pues fui detrás del capitán Alatriste. Avísame. Booktopia has El Caballero del Jubon Amarillo, Las Aventuras Del Capitan Alatriste by Arturo Perez-Reverte. Buy a discounted Paperback of El Caballero del.

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At the time the story takes placeCervantes has died a few years before, impoverished and scorned as a literary figure of no merit.

El caballero del jubón amarillo by Arturo Pérez-Reverte

That being said this is still a fun adventure, and the continuing development of Inigo the narrator is very well done. I also enjoyed many of the poetic touches added along the way, most of which are witty aphorisms and poems written by playwriter Francisco de Quevedo who is a character in the book.

I skipped some volumes in the series due to my fumbling of library requests, but reading the fifth book after the first was not really a problem – the plot is self-contained and various references to events in previous books are not really spoilerish. Mar 22, Manuela rated it liked it. Sadly, the novel bogs down after the first swordfight in the opening pages, but picks up as now year old Balboa accompanies playwright Francisco de Quevedo into the royal apartments, as the artist’s scribe.

Easily the best of the ‘Captain Alatriste’ books so far It had me turning pages like a madman and grinning like a fool. The plot ran very smoothly, and felt like an adventure series should– flashing swords, loyal friends, beautiful and perhaps treacherous women, and enemies that show respect to each other on and off amarilpo field of battle. I was introduced to Perez-Reverte based on information that this man’s writing was inspired by Dumas.


And yet there is one thing that still separates them. The vanity of the swordsmen for a decaying empire, duels over one wrong glance, strict adherence to considerations of honor, pageantry, assignations, plays, poets whose stars rise and amariklo at the whims of the court: A shame it has taken pages of prose to get to this stage, but I am looking forward very much to the sixth book in the sequence!

No es malo y tiene sus momentos, pero es el que menos me ha gustado de la serie. Characters lose their real image and realism goes on second plan.

With the fragile terms of upholding honor, it seems that old comrades and friends are hard to keep close, honor being destroyed by the least slur or cross-eyed look. View all 4 comments.

Arturo Perez-Reverte seems to have taken a long hard look at the deficiencies in the previous volumes and repeaired them. This is a time when the Spanish army is at loose ends and unpaid. He won dell my respect, and I adore him more than ever. A man to be admired and looked up to.

Spanish novelist and ex-journalist. The plot ran very smoothly, and felt like an adventure series should– flashing swords, loyal friends, beautiful and perhaps treacherous women, and enemies t This seemed rather slow to get started to me, and there was a lot of repetition.

Caballero del Jubon Amarillo, El – Las Aventuras del Capitan Alatriste

The result is a highly entertaining swashbuckler in which the outer action and the inner turmoil are perfectly balanced. I adored Alatriste, much like Inigo, looking up to him as this great man, a gentleman and a soldier cut from a different cloth than the rest of humanity. Months later I picked it back up. Still, this series is highly addictive for me.


Vale comprarlo y leerlo. The fifth Captain Alatriste novel.

El caballero del jubón amarillo

This is a great addition to the Captain Alatriste series. Leaving the administration of the realm to his toadies while he hunts and whores, there is a regicide conspiracy afoot to bring his younger, simpler, more religious amarlllo to amzrillo throne. Paperbackpages. I don’t know how Perez-Reverte does it. Book by book I am losing interest in the story. Perez-Reverte continues his tradition of using each book to comment on a specific aspect of the culture of the time, and in this book he takes on one of the biggest, honor codes.

The Inquisit My first book in this series.

Philip IV, monarch of Spain in the early 17th century, is doing what he can to bring Spain to its knees. They’re not perfect, but they’re so entertaining that I’m willing to overlook the sometimes lengthy In this fifth installment of the Captain Alatriste series, Inigo now nearly 17 and his mentor discover a plot to murder the king.

Of course after finishing four previous books you read this one, because you already are interested in life of beloved heroes but I guess author should find a way to finish these series with the best way.