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Using the definite integral, compute the following limits: Let us introduce the substitution: Theorem on passing to the limit in inequalities.

Full text of “Problems In Calculus Of One Variable by I. A. Maron”

First find lim f x: The generic terms for points of maximum and minimum of a fun- ction are the points of extremum. Find the derivative of y, with respect to x y of the func- tion represented parametrically: The derivative of the indicated function inside this interval equals zero: Universal substitution often leads to very cumbersome calculations. This solves the problem: This is so-called universal substitution. Hence, the composite function is discontinuous at three points: It now remains to prove that it is bounded.


Investigate and graph the following functions: Find cp [xp a: Here sin a; is raised to an odd power. Test the caoculus functions for continuity and sketch their graphs: II L Differential Calculus: In a given cone inscribe a cylinder having the greatest lateral surface so that the planes and centres of the base circles of the cylinder and cone coincide.


Let us first make sure that the given equation has only one real root. Do the following functions have the greatest and the least values on the indicated intervals? Prove that lim cosjc does not exist. Therefore standard computational exercises are supple- mented by examples and problems explaining the theory, promo- ting its deeper understanding and stimulating precise mathema- tical thinking. At a certain moment one ja reaches the point of intersection of their routes, while ihe second is at a dis- tance of a km from it.

The indicated integral can also be evalua- ted by the trigonometric substitutions: Find the abscis- sas of the points A and C of intersection of the curves. Finally, problems with- out solution are given, which are similar to those solved but contain certain peculiarities.

The thickness of the material is d. Infinitesimal and Infinite Functions. If this limit exists, the function is called integrable on the inter- val [a, b]. Show that the average value of the areas of the rectangles constructed on the segments AP and a 2 PB is equal to -g. We will show now what would result from an unsuitable choice of the multipliers u and dv. calcupus

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Problems in Calculus of One Variable : I.A. Maron :

By how many times does it increase in a century? Under the above conditions the method of chords and the method of tangents approximate the sought-for root from different sides. Thus, the given sequence is monotonic and bounded, hence it has a limit.

Investigation of Functions 25 Solution.

Are the following functions identical? In general, the smaller the q, the faster the process of iteration converges.

There is no need to introduce an arbitrary constant after calculating each integral as is done in the above mxron. Note first of all that y, as an Fig. Applying the Taylor formula with the remainder in Peano’s.

Proceeding from the geometric meaning of the definite integral, prove that: ,aron the fraction into partial fractions: What are the domains of definition of the following functions: