Catálogo SP. Aplicaciones para ruedas de camiones y transporte pesado: Incluye especificaciones y intercambios. Rodamientos y. Sellos SKF. From one simple but inspired solution to a misalignment problem in a textile mill in. Sweden, and fifteen employees in , SKF has grown to become a global. Heavy Duty Pillow Block Maintenance Handbook Catalogue No. CDN SKF Canada Limited AN ISO REGISTERED COMPANY Proud recipient of The.

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With that fundamental engineering principle in mind, SKF, the world s largest bearing manufacturer, has introduced S KF SYSTEM 24, a new generation of automatic lubricators that bridge the conflicting interests of commercial need a nd environmental pressures.

Also if shimming is required, only shims giving full mounting support must be used. The TMEA 1 is chumacerass in a sturdy portable carrying case equipped with all the necessary a ccessories.

Hot dipping is still used, principally on large-size skc. Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication but no liability can be accepted for any loss or damage whether direct, indirect or consequential arising out of use of the infor mation contained herein. The heater is supplied with two top yokes or bore diameters from 0.

Where conditions such as high thrust loads, shock loads, extreme temperatures an d speeds prevail, consult SKF for detailed recommendations.

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Comparison of Physical Properties of Typical Pillow Block Housing Material SKF pillow blocks are usually made of cast iron and are mainly intended for grea se lubricated ball or roller bearings. Can be temporarily deactivated Reduced inventory cost as one lubricator covers all catakogo settings. To complete the assembly in the case of SDCD housings with these labyrinth seal assemblies, take one half of the 4 mm rubber cord supplied and insert it in the counter bore of each flinger catlaogo adjacent to the outer face.


Current standard product Material: Fit a clean tube with one end squared and bore slightly larger than the bearing bore, against the bearing inner ring. For a shaft diameter of 50mm, and approximately 1 for shaft diameter of mm.

The bearing is mounted on the shaft directly or on an adapter and filled with grease. Used for inch shafting variety of sealing arrangements available, see Page 8. A variety of different sealing arrangements are available.

If only one ring is to be used with a bearing having an adapter sleeve, the fixing ring should be positioned on the same side of the bearing as the locknut. Lubrication through center fitting for W33 Non W33 If grease is used as a lubricant, at installation of bearing the lubricant must be worked in between the rolling elements.

Any bearing deprived of correct lubrication will fail well within its predicted lifespan. A light smear of clean spindle oil applied to the sleeve outside diameter, results in easier mounting and removal of bearing. Reduced maintenance costs Longer bearing, seal and coupling life Less vibration and noise Less energy consumption Fewer unplanned stops User-friendly tool: The simplest way to mount the cords is to use a screwdriver blade while rotating the shaft by hand.

Lubricating properties deteriorate as a result of aging and mechanical churning.


Apply the locknut with the chamfered face toward the bearing after lubricating the face of the locknut next to the bearing. The bearings should be left in their original packages until immediately before cataloo so that they do not become dirty.

Finally the silicon O-section cords are placed in the grooves of the labyrinth seals. The housing base is placed in position and the attachment bolts loosely fitted.

It should be noted however that, relubrication intervals may vary significantly eve n where apparently similar greases are used.

As opposed to a held bearing – a free bearing is mountedwithout fixing rings. Supplied in ductile iron as standard and stronger than the old designs. Note that the cap must not be interchanged with that of another chumcaeras. With the bearing square on the shaft, apply pressure using a press. Do not apply lockwasher.


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Mounted in seconds, SKF SYSTEM 24 provides constant lubrication at a predetermin ed rate to minimize downtime and reduce the costs of expensive manual maintenance procedures. In such cases the most important during this and subsequent operations, that bearings should be washed and dried to prevent any the shaft be blocked up so the bearing is unloaded.

With bearing hand tight on the adapter, locate outside cylindrical surface and bore of the bearing.

Lock cap screws with lockwire through holes in heads. Apply a coat of light oil to the shaft and bearing bore. Slide one labyrinth seal, consisting of labyrinth flinger and a V-ring. The seals in the housing cap are held in position while the cap is fitted on the housing base.


A very small movement of the nut will usually align these. Mount lockwasher with inner prong located in the key slot provided in the shaft and tabs on washer O. For greasing quantities, refer to Page Blocks If the bearing is to be held locatedfixing rings are inserted between the side faces of the outer ring and the housing shoulders.

Dimensional inaccuracies, slight positioning errors in mounting, and thermal elongation of the shaft can be accommodated in the pillow block housing itself. At the initial startup, with shaft rotating, lubricate seals through grease fitting until a bead of grease appears around the periphery of the flingers.