CHITSHAKTI VILAS the play of consciousness swami muktana^ida ABOUT THE BOOK CHITSHAKTI VILAS is the moving per¬ sonal account of the. – Buy Chitshakti Vilas book online at best prices in india on . Read Chitshakti Vilas book reviews & author details and more at Documents Similar To Chit Shakti Vilas the Play of Consciousness – Swami Muktananda. Abhinavagupta – Tantrasara (Chakravarty and Marjanovic edition). pdf.

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Limitless is His Being! I Mantra possesses the power of omniscience. This prana, endowed with Chiti, takes the five forms of prana, apana, samana, vyana and udana, in order to organise the functions of the body into a co-ordinated system. He was so great a saint that he enabled a devotee to experience yogic states and a yogi the joy of devotion. Trivia About Chitshakti Vilas. I have already tested what I am telling you.

How great is his kindness! You are the throbbing energy of Parashiva, His beloved consort and His dynamic expression. The man or woman whose Chitshakti is activated rises above the distinction of sex In the 16 Chitshakti Vilas external world, such a one may appear masculine or feminine, but in his or her inner being reside both Parashiva and Shakti.

He awarded the same grace to Putana, who fed poison to Him, as to His mother Devaki, except that He treated the former with wrath and the latter with love.

If one meditates in the same place every day, one will be able to meditate better as time passes. His glories are infinite. Seekers have always benefited from them and will continue to do so. Want to Read saving…. I am Rama, I am Krishna! You seek it in soft cushions and garments, in beds of flowers and velvet clothes, but you do not succeed. Nor should he torture or pamper his body because the body is endowed with consciousness and is a temple of God.


He himself enters the disciple as grace, bestowing his divine power on him. Ships from and sold by Chitshakti Trust. The power wielded by such a Guru is neither black magic nor hypnotic influence, but the power of Divine Consciousness called Chiti, which creates the universe. If that centre is opened, bad smells will be transmuted into pleasing scents and you will enjoy supreme bliss.

Full text of “Chitshakti Vilas, The Play Of Consciousness Swami Muktananda”

He transmitted heavenly joy to his devotees, even to those who did not renounce their homes. If an astrologer makes any bad prediction, she immediately starts appeasing all the deities. Then you will experience perfection in spite of any possible deficiencies in your worldly life.

Meditate, whether you are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, a celibate or a householder, a hermit or a sannyasi. Their gains will vaiy in direct proportion to their devotion to the Guru. In this state he may see many visions of Siddhas, lights, different worlds such as heaven, hell, Pitruloka or Siddhaloka. They tolerate my peculiar temper, gladly suffering my fastidious ways. All these mothers, including the sweet, affectionate and loving ones from Delhi and Bombay, still consider me a temperamental child and give maternal affection with reverence, devotion and love.

Meditation on the Guru is the noblest means of receiving his grace. Will he become famous in the world? But first he must reform himself.

He comprises Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in his being. May I earn my bread with the sweat of my brow And ever meditate on thee. He is not only their prana, but also their true wealth. Even so, He permeates the inner and outer being of all creatures. Visit our Help Pages.

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Various ways to Self-realisation have been described in spiritual works such as the Vedas, the treatises of the six schools of Indian philosophy, the Ramayana and the Srimad Bhagavatam. Whatever your status, whether you be a leader, high-ranking official, a Swami or the head of a monastery or ashram, meditate. He revealed the presence of God in the world.

She has never slackened or been negligent. Whoever is touched by his body receives Shakti. We are sure chtishakti earnest seekers will read this book again and again, ponder over its every word and pursue yoga with greater zeal and confidence.

Only then can we truly please him. Many paths have been laid down for the attainment of peace in human life, some of which are external, others internal.


They are coming to our Ashram in ever-increasing numbers and every morning and evening one can see them sitting in the Meditation Hall absorbed in meditation. O beloved power of yoga! You are the never-failing support of the human body. For him the world becomes a help and not a hindrance.

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In vedhamayi he experiences the piercing of the chakras in the sushumna nerve. O man and woman!

Please try again later. She cultivates supreme friendliness among people, inspiring them to look upon each other as divine, thus transmuting this very world into a paradise.

As you taste this nectar and become absorbed in it, you will be transported with inner delight.