Figure 1: Chrysophyllum albidum tree (A) and fruits (B) [17]. .. Figure 2: Fiber fractions of the freeze-dried edible parts of Chrysophyllum albidum fruit. Download scientific diagram | Showing pictures of Chrysophyllum albidum fruit, tree and seed from publication: A Comprehensive Review on Ethno-Medicine. 9 Oct This study aimed at providing information on the use and local knowledge variation on Chrysophyllum albidum G. Don a multipurpose tree.

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The sellers were interviewed using questionnaires on the chrysophyllm of their C. Even though the use of certain plants as a treatment regimen for certain ailments has been in practice for a chrysophyllmu time, yet most people are unaware of the basic things they can benefit from these plants. Chrysophyllum albidum white star applewhich is closely related to the African star apple Chrysophyllum africanum is distinguished by its pale yellow pericarp and light pink-coloured pulp.

Similar Articles in this Journal. Feeding of xanthan gum to diabetic subjects have been shown to lower fasting and postload serum glucose levels and total plasma cholesterol [ 53 ].


Therefore, there is a need to assess the use pattern of these species by local populations in order to define a sustainable participatory conservation strategy for them. Preliminary qualitative phytochemical screening of the samples was determined using the methods [ 21 – 23 ].

Tephritidae at Ibadan, Nigeria.

The African star apple is produced commercially in West Africa Amusa et al. Seed shell pericarp had the highest chloride Abstract Background In addition to plant species biology and ecology, understanding the folk knowledge systems related to the use of plant species and how this knowledge system influences the conservation of plant species is an important issue in the implementation of sustainable strategies of biodiversity conservation programs.


Instead of being complementary, modern medicine appears sometimes as an impediment to the development of folk medicine [ 5556 ]. Centre for environmental renewable natural resources management, research and development.

Nutrients Compositions and Phytochemical Contents of Edible Parts of Chrysophyllum albidum Fruit

Cardiac glycosides was found to be absent in the fruit-skin while phlobatannin was also found to be absent in both chrtsophyllum shell pericarp and fruit-skin of C. They wrote the first draft of this manuscript. Anti-plasmodial and toxicological effects of methanolic bark extract of Chrysophyllum albidum in albino mice.

Working with indigenous knowledge: Insect pests are one of the major constraints that have limited the quantity and quality of fruits produced in the country. Infestations were most severe in the market samples than the homestead tree samples. Informants considered that C. However, significant difference existed between genders and among age groups regarding the knowledge of the medical properties of this species.

These results emphasize the importance of undertaking biochemical analysis of the different plant parts in order to confirm or to infirm the traditional medicine use of the species. Don Sapotaceae is a common tree that distributed in chrysophylpum tropical rain forest and coastal region of West Africa.

The fleshy pulp of the fruits is widely eaten by the local populations. Collections made periodically from chryssophyllum fruits to ripening in orchard at Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria showed that infestation of unripe fruits was by scale insects Coccus hesperidum L.

Random samples of 10 fruits each were collected weekly per seller and from five sellers from each of the seven markets namely; Dugbe, Orita-Challenge, Oja-Oba, Oje, Bodija, Idi-ikan and Ojo markets.

These variations could be due albiddum different methods of drying effects. The crude extract was filtered first with cotton wool followed by Whatman No.

It is reported as an excellent source of vitamins, irons, flavours to diets and raw materials to chrysopyyllum manufacturing industries Adisa, ; Bada, ; Okafor and Fernandes, ; Umelo, Ascorbic acid content of some Nigerian local fruits and vegetables. It also represents the number of informants who had positive answer to the use of a plant part fruit, leave, bark, root, etc.

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The edible parts fruit-pulp, fruit-skin and seed-shell albiidum of C. The observed high starch content in the C. We remain indebted to Etienne Dossou and Francis Yabi for their help on the field and data analysis. Folk classification, perception, and preferences of baobab products in West Africa: Received Feb 16; Accepted Sep BS was supervisor of the study; he read and contributed to improve this manuscript.

This was done by the alkaline precipitation gravimetric method described by Harborne [ 23 ]. alibdum

Regulates the Blood Sugar Level Studies reveal that Chrysophyllum albidum local cherry fruit is essential for regulating the blood sugar level. However, Oja-aba market was not sampled during the first year due to logistic problems. The species was also used in traditional rituals and was reported to have medico-magical properties.

Chrysophyllum albidum – Useful Tropical Plants

Use value of C. The exocarp of the sweet fruits was reported to be yellow while that of the sour ones was thought to have a mixture of yellow and green colours when mature.

The population in this area is a multi-ethnic with the dominance of Aizo and Fon ethnic groups [ 28 ]. Nutrient values of Chrysophyllum albidum Linn.

Research Journal of Forestry, 9: Support Center Support Center. Vitamin C, protein and mineral contents of African apple Chrysophyllum albidum.