Chuk and Gek (Russian: Чук и Гек) is a Russian short-story written by Soviet children’s Chuk and Gek cover (English).jpg. Cover of Chuk and Gek ( ). Edition/Format: Print book: Fiction: EnglishView all editions and formats. Rating: # Chuck and Geck. [Translated from. Arkady Gaidar and his books. The school. Chuck and Geck. Timur and his squad. Notes. Tr. from Arkadii Gaidar Izbrannoe. Language. English; Russian.

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He’ll be back before night and tell you everything you want to know. All wished one another a Happy New Year. Y ou could have hammered nails with the sausage — it was so stiff and frozen.

The dog sniffed at the things carefully ahd lifted his clever eyes to his master’s face. Remember the lame man who lived in the basement in our yard, where Mishka Kryukov gecck Books by Arkady Gaydar.

We know little of world literature.

Chuk and Gek

My uncle chuc this book Its translation in Marathi when I was 9 years old. These online bookshops told us they have this item: Chapal Mahtab rated it it was amazing Jun 10, In Soviet Moscowbrothers Chuk and Gek Seriogins live with their mother while their father is away in Siberian taiga for geological research.


It had not yet dawned and the sky was still full of stars. Schumacher back in the hunt! His story “Timur and his squad” made Gaidar famous.


From this book, I gauge he was an excellent writer as well. Next they brought in some wood. The two brothers had punched each other once and were just about to exchange another punch when the bell rang.

What’s a telegram, anyway? Who told us not to come? Day and night red stars sparkled atop the towers of this city. Just as the postman climbed the stairs with the letter, Chuck and Geek were locked in battle.

Again they turned back. Another Favorite Forward 8 years ago. The watchman handed his gun to the astounded mother, went over to the trunk and threw back its lid. anc

Then he grew restless, and. Luckily there is a watchman present. The driver blew out the candle and climbed into the bunk above the stove. And then at last New Year’s Eve arrived. She went out and looked round the house.


CHUCK AND GECK : ARKADY GAIDAR : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Then there was a sort of scraping and hissing, and from far away came a melodious tinkle. But if we could call a magician, we could tell him to fly over to Father and let him know we’ve come long ago.

They had already made it up, for they knew that both would get it hot from Mother. After dinner the three of them went out for a walk.

It took Mother a week to get them ready for the journey. It was a lucky thing one of the men had an accordion.