Détails du cours. Practical Photoshop CS5 Selections reveals the importance of making precise selections, whether for masking or making color and tone.

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The remaining options will be explained in the next lecture. The Channels Panel The built-in colour channels are displayed in the Channels panel. Most panels are arranged in groups.

The Channels Panel The built-in colour channels are displayed in the Channels panel. Photohop can set the brush size, the hardness or softness of the brush and various settings that determine how it operates.

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Courss actually a misnomer because there’s no title in it but that’s what Adobe calls it. When you select an unchecked panel name from the menu one of two things will happen: There are many version in adobe photoshop. Here I get such nice description about adobe photoshop cs5.


The Colour panel is used to create new colours.

Apprendre Photoshop CS5 | Adobe TV

Use Help Topics for reference or to find out how to accomplish objectives you might be having problems with. These tools can be highly customized for very effective painting. Both vertical and horizontal type can be created. Scrubby sliders allow you to quickly change values for many options without moving a slider bar or typing a number.

Some tools are arranged in groups, with only one tool shown for each group and the other tools in the group hidden behind that tool. Once you move the cursor away from the panels, they will hide again.

Photoshop Help PDF Archive

Panels can be open or closed, hidden or displayed, collapsed or expanded, minimized or maximized, and some can be resized. Open and Close Panels: Photoshop CS5 system requirements. To restore the panel to its full size, click the same control again. A small triangle in the lower right corner of a tool icon is your clue to look for hidden tools. Selections coours areas of an image that you choose to isolate from the rest of the image.

Each curs or panel group has a panel menu button. Photoshop includes a colour set of Web-safe swatches, which is a collection of colours that are supported across browsers.


T Path Component Selection tool: The Layers panel is used to create, manipulate and modify image layers. To access the other presets, click on the button at the top right to display the menu. The example shown here is the Paragraph panel menu. Layers are covered vs5 depth later.


There are three ways to do this: You can modify coure presets and save them, reset a preset that you’ve customized, or even create your own custom presets. Channels are used to save and modify selections made in a Photoshop document as well as to determine areas of transparency.

The bottom of the panel contains preset adjustment settings. Click a command in order to choose it. S History Brush tool: Filter Filters, or special effects, are contained in this menu.

The Colour panel is another example. Here are three other options for closing panels:.