Today we’re looking at “The Curse of Yig,” a collaboration between Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop written in , and first published in the. for the collection of stories and essays by Zealia Bishop Te Curse of Yig ( book) The Curse of Yig Full story online here Author Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The Curse of Yig has ratings and 31 reviews. ᴥ Irena ᴥ said: I don’t have ophidiophobia, but this story might have brought me a bit closer to it. I s.

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In this anthology of horror episodes, 13 bizarre stories are told by independent film directors of Southern Brazil. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. At length he paused before a door marked Bopened a small observation panel which he could use only by standing on tiptoe, and pounded several times upon the painted metal, as if to arouse the occupant, whatever it might be. Curse of Yig Submitted Guest– Last updated A yi short story ghostwritten by H.

Travel was slow; for the pf were bad in Arkansas, while in the Territory there were great stretches of rolling hills and red, sandy barrens without any roads whatever.

Agents of Yig Curse. More Lovecraft tales with a help-writer keeping him off his more questionable tangents and obsessions would be nice It was absolutely hairless, and its tawny-looking back seemed subtly squamous in the dim, ghoulish light.

A fast little read with a cup of hot coco near the fire. As fate would have it, it was a white man at Okmulgee in the Creek country who gave the Davises the first hint of Yig beliefs; a hint which had a curiously fascinating effect on Walker, and caused him to ask questions very freely after that.

Curse of Yig

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Poor Wolf had not been able to help, either—probably he had not even awaked from his senile stupor. He was a paid ghostwriter. A boating accident runs a young man and woman ashore in a decrepit Spanish fishing town which they discover is in the grips of an ancient sea god cursw its monstrous half human offspring.


In the old days of the Indian Territory, the doctor went on, there was not quite so much secrecy about Yig.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Altogether, Sally did not like the look of the place, so was very timid and hesitant as she dismounted and knocked. Was that square window still a perfect square?

Yig is a great god. Creepy crse story about snakes and Yig but nothing stands out. Of all the neighbours the Davises found Joe and Sally Compton, who likewise hailed from Arkansas, the most helpful and congenial. You get —1 [Combat], —1 health, and gain the Serpent trait.

The Curse of Yig by H.P. Lovecraft

Definitely recommend if you want to vurse yourself out or all of a sudden become terrified of snakes. He took the most extraordinary precautions at each of the nightly camps, always clearing away whatever vegetation he found, and avoiding stony places whenever he could. He did not like the rocky cast of the place, but allowed himself to be overruled this once; leading the animals sullenly toward the protecting slope, which the nature of the ground would not allow the wagon to approach.

Now and then they encountered a fellow-pioneer, with whom crude pleasantries and expressions of amiable uig were generally exchanged.

Really gave the vibe of another country, as if written somewhere else; unknown.

The Curse of Yig

Audible Download Audio Books. I had always felt, from well-defined undertones of legend and archaeology, that great Quetzalcoatl—benign snake-god of the Mexicans—had had an older and darker prototype; and during recent months I had well-nigh proved it in a series of researches stretching from Guatemala to the Oklahoma plains.


The reptiles were of every size, of uncountable numbers, and apparently of several varieties; and even as tig looked, two or three of them reared their heads as if to strike at Walker.

Want to Read saving….

Cuese were three more of them—two were even worse—but this is the only one that lived. I admit it is foolish, since there are natural explanations for everything I saw and heard, but it masters me none the less. With the help of Joe Compton he dug a well which gave a moderate supply of very good water, though he planned to sink an artesian later on.

The Curse of Yig – Wikipedia

No—that window was not a perfect square. Yes, some scenes sounded like something out of a B-movie script. How merciful if only it had!

And now the crawling things must be coming for her, writhing closer and closer every moment in the dark, perhaps even now twining slipperily about the bedposts and oozing up over the coarse woollen blankets. This is really a great story. The Last Case of August T. The way the protagonist is driven mad from secondhand accounts of mysterious lore and vengefu A curde unique tale from Lovecraft that stands out from the rest of his works.

This is one of the most interesting short stories by H. This page was last edited on 17 Novemberat Great twist at the end to pile on the shock. A second more, and Walker had seen everything. The plot could have been finetuned some more, although I loved it just the same.