Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, by Chögyam Trungpa is a book addressing many common pitfalls of self-deception in seeking spirituality, which the. Spiritual materialism is a phrase originally coined by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche that he used to describe the grasping after material accomplishment within. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism. By Chögyam Trungpa. If Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche had written no more than the title of this book, it would have been.

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This in itself caused suffering for many of the followers, but thus cut “through spiritual materialism”. Moreover, he still has faith in the experience, that something profound really hap- pened. You try to de- ceive me! There is a long and great tradition of handing down the wis- dom of the Buddhist lineage from one generation of medita- tors to the next, and this transmission is connected with initia- tion. And as a technique, its end is an experience —or perhaps, better yet, an attitude —and the theory that goes along with meditation does not constitute its substance; rather, theory is just a pedagogical tool to help guide less experienced practitioners.

We can’t label things or conceptualize? This sense of self is actually a transitory, dis- continuous event, which in our confusion seems to be quite solid and continuous. Many of those students followed his advice, continuing on their spiritual journeys and at the same time becoming parents, teachers, business people, and even dharma teachers. For here is a man who seems not to be doing any of the things that every- body says will get you there.

All the teachings we are studying and practicing spring from him. Now, my students at Sokukoji Buddhist Monastery are still studying this book as a group every Tuesday evening. At the beginning a kind of courtship with the guru is taking place, a love affair. Ego is the fear of losing openness, the fear of losing the egoless state.

His students questioned “Why take care of our physical selves, when the attainment of enlightenment promises a transcendence of this earthly existence and all its attendant woes, including death? ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Aro – Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

They are not “an- cient wisdom,” an old legend. In true meditation there is no ambition to stir up thoughts, nor is there an ambi- tion to suppress them. When the situations of life start to become your guru, does it matter what form the situation takes? There are numerous sidetracks which lead to a mterialism, ego-centered version spirigual spirituality ; we can deceive ourselves into thinking we are de- veloping spiritually when instead we are strengthening our egocentricity through spiritual techniques.

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If you are not willing to let yourself grow, then you fall into the self-destructive process of confusion. Or is it trying to know more than other people, trying to learn more about the significance of life?

East understand how to relate to a guru while Westerners do not; the problem is uni- versal. At this point many people might feel that they do not need to work further with their spiritual friend, and possibly they might leave, go away.

What misunder- standings and concepts we may have about a spiritual practice, we must overcome so that we’re not merely practicing according to our own conceptualized idea. There is spritual ritual or ceremony or formula for opening. But we were not satisfied and we thought, “Since this one object makes my room so beautiful, if 1 get more antiques, my room will be even more beautiful.

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chögyam Trungpa

You just admire its peacefulness and the landscape and then you pass on. In order to have the experi- ence now, one would have to give up the evaluation of how wonderful the flash was, because it throuhg this memory which keeps it distant.

We simply have to let ourselves be. When a thought or emotion or event occurs, there is a sense of someone being conscious of what is materialisn. This is a notion that can be understood in one of its facets as “surrender.

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

If you are going to make friends with a spiritual master, you must make friends simply, openly, so that the communication takes place between equals, rather than trying to win the master over to you. But the antidotes he seems to prescribe in places feel vaguely cultist.

Here was a teacher who clearly understood the materialistic dilemma of the spiritual path, one who had been steeped and trained in the ancient wis- dom of the past — and who could also understand the nuances of Foreword xiii modern-day Western-style spiritual blockage. The thing is, though very engaging at times, Trungpa’s innovative style of presenting these topics does not click with him – not completly. There is a saying in the Tibetan cuttig His other remarks on compassion vhgyam mind-expanding.


There are numerous sidetracks which lead to a distorted, ego-centered version of spirituality,” and how to avoid these truungpa on the path I bought this book in and let it sit on my bookshelf in California, Austin, then Guatemala until finally reading it this spring.

If matrialism more than this is laid onto our psychology, then it becomes a very heavy, thick mask, a suit of armor. The Mother of all the Buddhas, the Ground of all Dharmas. Perhaps our old head is not suitable, perhaps it should be thrown into the rubbish heap. There are so many different titles to receive. Read reviews that mention spiritual materialism spiritual path chogyam trungpa cutting through spiritual reading this book must read tibetan buddhism pema chodron myth of freedom ever read crazy wisdom meditation practice read this book noble truths new age buddhist practice spiritual teacher highly recommend time a book recommend it to anyone.

Again it is said in the teachings: Eventually we must give up trying to be something special. In order to reassure ourselves, we work to fit into our intellectual scheme every aspect of our lives which might be confusing.

Probably, one of the best introductions in the west to training the mind and to understanding the Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist path. There is a very dangerous tendency to lean on one another as we tread the path. There is no “sacred” ceremony necessary. At present there is no one. If you perform some act which is seemingly right, it does not mean that it is wrong, for the very reason that wrong and right are out of the picture altogether.

I particularly love the one about what happens if the monkey mind takes LSD? It is quite a common phenomenon. However, if we are involved with spiritual material- ism, if we regard spirituality as a part of our accumulation of learning and virtue, if spirituality becomes a way of build- ing ourselves up, then of course the whole process of surren- dering is completely distorted.