The Complete Psionics Handbook is a supplemental rulebook for the 2nd edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, published in by. The Complete Psionics Handbook (5e) – A simple, straightforward, playable psionics framework for 5th Edition using the Player’s Handbook. I wrote this in for AD&D 2nd Edition, having never read TSR’s Psionics Handbook. Be amused. This was reformatted for the web in.

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Shouldn’t this have the “A” tag? This certainly isn’t a deal-breaker. Being able to remain sober for such a long time can come in handy, until someone drinks enough to kill themselves.

It doesn’t have to be perfect or balanced but it must be complete enough that it can be used as is. Oh, god, give me more monsters psionifs those.

At the end of the day, while it may not be perfectly elegant, it’s simple enough and it works reasonably well. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Psionics Handbook (2E)

Each creature in the cone must make a Strength saving throw. If you have proficiency in Wisdom, Dexterity, or Constitution saving throws, you can trade proficiency in any of those 3 for proficiency in any other ability score. Link to blogs and the like are allowed, as long as the content is free. The Complete Book of Dwarves.

The Psionics Handbook (2E) – Zioth

Character sheet for psilnics soulknife from the Expanded Hsndbook Handbook. Cite All Content and Art. Thanks for putting this together.

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Why do oozes have disadvantage on the saving throw? So it’s “Energy Mastery” now, unless a better name comes along. Description Teleportation moves a psionicist and up to 10xlevel pounds of inanimate matter to a different place.

If the telekinetic is attacked while holding an object in air or water, a dexterity check must be made.


Handbookk citations must include the name of the original artist or current copyright holder e. It doesn’t say whether feel sound makes you immune to any verbal, siren, or sonic attacks. Initially, it rewarded 5 psi points at the cost of 1 HP per mystic level. If the psionicist’s hit points drop to zero or below because of this power, pxionics can not be used for a week.

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Added 35 new disciplines, and more discipline effects for several of the handbool disciplines. While levitating, the psionicist can do most of the things possible on the ground. Two telepaths can communicate with each other with no possible failure. If you download the.

Is that level of damage considered way too high for a level 1 character usually. For each 2 additionals psi point spent, you extend this power for 1 consecutive round. The success rate is halved if the danger is caused by a being of higher level or hit dice than the psionicist. An effect that costs this much should be able bandbook turn the tide of a battle.

I’m a bit guilty of getting excited about posting an update and not proofreading as well as I should. Acrikinesis is now the only one of those four “specialized” disciplines with delayed damage now. Mindbender The ability mentions a duration, but I can’t find anywhere where the duration is actually specified. Through Inner PSI healing, psionicists concentrate the energy of their minds to heal their bodies. After googling a bit, I see some stuff suggesting the phrases are pretty interchangeable.

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The result was that at 10th level, the mystic could regain 5 psi points in exchange for 50 HP, and at level 20, the mystic could regain 5 psi points in exchange for HP. Shed Body I think using a vague term like “transcendence” rather than “intangibility” might be enough to clear up the confusion somewhat. I’m going to hanxbook to look at it in more detail when I’m not at work.

This Month’s Dragon Magazine. Thanks for the help there. Considering the r of the other level 14 subclass abilities, the original effect seems more appropriate. The mind reader must be able to see the target. Finally, the ability should function off of Intelligence rather than Proficiency to fit better with the 5e style. There are other stories of wise empaths who devoted their lives to helping people.

So that it can be browsed and searched easily, flair your post and give it a title that clearly indicates what users will find when they open it.

In regard to specific features and disciplines: