The PTA Series transducer is a +/- % sensor ideal for melt pressure. Our sensors are renowned for their rugged, hermetic, all stainless design. The PT46X6 Series transmitter is a ± % sensor ideal for general purpose.

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The Class 2 fit is used on most high quality commercial products. The PID control is simple to set-up, even on large multi-zone extruder barrels and dies, and is extremely trandducer. This cone and thread style was further refined by Autoclave Engineers and others, but most people in our industry refer to the numbering system used by AE.

Dynisco’s PT pressure transmitter is designed to measure gas turbine pressure around the world. PTE-M10 Series Model PTE – M10 melt pressure transducer utilizes a small 6mm sensing element for space restricted areas making it the ideal choice for small extruders and rheometers.

Perhaps it is time for a little lesson on screw threads! For washdown applications transduder the food and medical industries, the Vertex is available with a welded housing and special cable, and is still covered with the 4 year warranty.

The PET is a compact, rugged pressure sensor with a variety of output options, making it perfect for OEM machine building and plant engineering applications. The method shows that pressure spikes many times that of nominal system pressure can occur in a system. The PBT pressure transmitter is designed for measurement in liquid and gaseous media, and is ideal for machine tool, hydraulic, pump, and pneumatic applications up to bar.


The Class 2 fit is used on most high quality commercial products.

Dynisco Pressure Transmitters

This RTD is a rugged, very compact package of mounting thread, connector, and probe, all one piece. Cookie Consent Cookies perssure used for statistical purposes and to improve the site.

For displaying current, voltage, screw rpm, extrudate thickness, etc. How We Help Providing the right process measurement tools to optimize throughput.

It has an easy to read red and green LCD display. Call with your particular model and pressure range, for more accurate information. The TCT series sensor eliminates the issues associated with wiring an RTD oxidation, terminals vibrating loose, time to install with a rugged stainless steel housing.

More information on Rupture Disks Gauges. Compared to the full scale range of a transducer of psig and probably higher, 15 psi is almost nothing.

Sensors Incorporated

The very small 25″ x 10″ polymer melt rheology instrument can be used to generate sheer rate vs. Dynisco Viscosensor Online Rheometer. However, you can use the following guidelines for the general types of Dynisco Pressure Transducers.

Cookies will be used after you click “Accept” or if you continue using Dynisco. Monitoring the current trsnsducer the heaters is an effective way to predict a failure before it occurs. How We Help Offering specially designed process measurement devices for the chemical industry. Cookies will be used after you click “Accept” or if you continue using Dynisco.

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No tools are ready, communications between the VPC Transducer Simulator. It has long been known that pressure instability for polymer melt entering the die usually results directly in ouput variation.

I’m afraid that I have to respond to your question with a question.

Dynisco – Echo Series

Dynisco has the skill and experience to deliver the right solution for your unique application. Sensor Accessories Dynisco offers a wide transdhcer of customer support products to help make the measurement of pressure or temperature an easy one. Relevant Articles Understanding Pressure Measurement Needs of Plastic Manufacturing Divided into 3 sections, obtain a general understanding of pressure transducer basics, the types of plastic extrusion, and the benefits of pressure transducers.

By subjecting the pressure to a limited area, the forces that must be held by the threads is reduced to acceptable levels. Secondly, if there are significant temperature variations in the process the change in tip temperature could cause a much greater change in output than the vacuum.

Call with your particular model and pressure range, for trandsucer accurate information.