Before her death on October 16, , Nwapa said in an interview that she used Efuru to explore how women are treated in the society. Having. Appearing in , Efuru was the first internationally published book, in English, by a Nigerian woman. Flora Nwapa () sets her story in a small village . Efuru explores Nigerian village life and values, a world where spirits are a part of everyday life – as accepted, respected, and feared as one’s own relatives. Efuru.

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Account Options Sign in. Flira simplicity of sentence structure is helpful in understanding Nwapa’s world in this book. Before Efuru and her husband had a baby, their business was booming, but now that she has a baby, her attention is given more to her baby than her business.

Not quite long, it is learnt that he was jailed for three months while in Onicha. May her soul rest in peace. They get married, this time following the traditions of the land. Pages to import images to Wikidata.

Traditions of Igbo culture Now I was eruru astonished, considering the historical significance of this book, that no library in Dallas Texas carried this novel. Efuru by Flora Nwapa. Nwapa, born in Oguta, was the forerunner to a generation of African women writers. This is the real essence of living.


Summary and Analysis of Sections. Gilbert was not gruff and intolerant; he was weak, gullible and a liar.

Efuru – Wikipedia

After her father has tried his best to bring her back but to no avail, he gives up and considers her lost. He is a very hard working farmer. This is why it is often said that to whom much is given, much is expected. In the next chapter, we shall also see how the traditional priest plays the role of a medical doctor.

Everything about Flora Nwapa screamed ‘feminist’, everything but her own words

She is a template of an ideal personality. Even now I do not think it is sour grapes. Efuru calls it her “bath,” and willingly submits to the cutting and agony. Symbols are objects, characters, figures, or floda used to represent abstract ideas or concepts. I wish I knew more about genre theory, but perhaps this is realism? I’m glad I read it once, probably won’t nsapa it again. Let us not be afraid to say that we are feminists.

Efuru sets not only a feminist example through her independence, but she is also a symbol of survival and independence from a Colonial empire. Though she loves both men she marries, Efuru does not forget about her own rights. A mother of eight children, she is very good to her sister and always at her beck and call whenever she needs her help.


Topics African feminism books fiction identity politics Nigeria Nzinga woman patriarchy publishing. True to her nature, while Efuru is still looking for the solution to her problem—childlessness, she still stoops to lend a helping hand to other people in need.

The title character endures many hardships throughout the book, but she survives and thrives. The book is a full and accurate portrayal of traditional Igbo culture, still evident to this day. Because of his acute poverty, he has to pawn one of his children.

In fact, this same idea is stressed in Awakenings: Enterprising Nature of Women It seems that the authoress deliberately uses Efuru to debunk the assumption that women are less enterprising compared with men. Efuru, the title character in Flora Nwapa’s novel, is efkru beautiful young woman who unfortunately, always seems to have bad luck with men.