The Red Sari (El sari rojo), which is a dramatized version of Sonia Gandhi’s life, ran into some controversy in India. Javier Moro’s Spanish and Italian publishers. Javier Moro. Synopsis: In Sonia Maino, a 19 year old Italian student, meets a young Indian man named Rajiv Gandhi. She is the daughter of a humble. En , Sonia Maino, una estudiante italiana de 19 años, conoce en Cambridge a un joven indio llamado Rajiv Gandhi. Ella es hija de una familia humilde de.

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Dramatised, is actually the ideal word to describe this book. Este libro es excelente.

While I have rea Why did I moeo buy this book? There are books that are fact. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves historical fiction as this was very well researched and cited though the author was unable to talk with any member of the family. The book is recommended. The book portrays the ‘First Family’ as jagier sort of benevolent royals who always had the best interests of the nation in their hearts but ended up taking wrong steps owing to political machinations of those around them.

In an almost continuous “reign” with only a f 4.

I got this book primarily because I read somewhere that Youth Congress fellows burnt copies of the book in some form of protest, and I was curious. The Red Sari could have brought out the turbulent legacy of the Gandhis, complete with their grossest mistakes.

In between there javief descriptions of – Sanjay and Menka’s callous nature and hunger sati power and positionSonia’s love for household and being the ideal Indian bahuRajiv and Sanjay’s blame game Dramatised, is actually the ideal word to describe this book. Premio Planeta volumen independiente Spanish Edition. Aug 28, Carmenza Uribe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Important events in their lives which the author chose to skip. When he was assassinated, Sonia originally wanted to stay out of politics.

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Moro forgets that no country in the world has completely solved all these problems. Not Enabled Screen Reader: I would definitely recommend the book for reading, albeit with a warning, “reading biographies is an acquired taste”.

Book Review: ‘The Red Sari’ by Javier Moro

It is Gandhi the politician that matters. This book is also not immune from the stereotypical point of view of foreign authors. All Comments Your Activity. But more importantly, do we care? A fictionalized account of Sonia Gandhi ‘s life by Spanish author Javier Moro which could not be published in India after Congress objected to its contents a few years ago has finally hit book stores in the country.

Sep 30, Lisa B. He raises the ridiculous argument that the train at Godhra, Gujarat caught fire from an explosion of a gas cylinder kept inside it. I suspect the original in Spanish is gripping, like a novel. I would recommend this book to readers of historical fiction as it is very well researched and cited.

So when Moro claims that Gandhi had a miscarriage in an advanced stage of pregnancy, there is no way one can verify the fact, unless we go to the primary source. Bello, molto bello, attentamente documentato. The title alludes to the red sari which was spun by Jawaharlal Nehru in prison that was worn by his wife Kamala during the time of their marriage. The issue is that it is difficult to know if this is fact with a dose of fiction, or fiction with a dose of fact.

Refresh and try again. Nehru that President Lyndon B. Her time spent in delhi during her I always was keen to understand about the tough life Sonia Gandhi had to lead and this book gives a good sense of that.

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Authors of biographies tend to take one of the three paths. Showing of 73 reviews. Return to Book Page. Worth a read if you’re aware of and ready to go through those narrative excentricities. How she was then asked to beco An absolutely brilliant book to read about Sonia Nehru-Gandhi and the loss of her beloved husband Rajiv who was the Prime Minister of India and how his name was on the list of a dozen terrorists, how after the loss of him she had to deal with the pomp and circumstance that befits a Prime minister, takes you back to her lifetime when she met Rajiv, how she herself was a catholic italian and changed her religion for both him and the people of India who respected her.

She is portrayed to be in mortal dread about attempts on the life of her dearest ones.

Book Review: ‘The Red Sari’ by Javier Moro – Livemint

I must confess that I am not really very familiar with the concept of ‘fictional biography’, but if it is a genre which over First things first, it is very difficult for me to understand, saro to why did the Congress party object to this book. But the launch is ill-timed, with the Congress witnessing monumental lows in the general election and the state elections that have followed.

The English translation is poor, with many typos. Her closeness to Sonia, and her apprehensions about Menaka Sanjay’s wifeare dramatised well.