ENEOS SUSTINA SN 5W is designed for petrol and light diesel engine performance. The engine oil is composed of proprietary WBASE and ZP Advance . ENEOS SUSTINA draws super fuel-saving performance for a long term and prevents accumulation of the sludge in the engine. 5W is suitable to European . Sustina 5W Ensures exceptional engine durability and allows the extra-long oil drain intervals, thanks to its exceptional oxidation resistance. The lack of.

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The low viscosity formulation guarantees superb overall and long lasting lubrication and engine cleanliness in all driving styles and conditions. Guarantees rapid and stable lubrication, high thermal stability.

Advanced fully synthetic oil designed for modern diesel engines for cold start engine protection against wear and for emission systems protection.

Outstanding oxidation stability at high temperatures, excellent engine cleanliness and wear resistance. We are sorry for any inconvenience and would like to ask for your understanding. Do not weld, heat, drill, or cut the containers. Do not drink this oil. It is designed to keep engines in their best running condition through exceptional wear protection, cleaning performance and overall lubrication characteristics.

If you are unsure of the proper disposal methods, consult first with the seller of the oil. Keep out of reach of children. High level of detergency and dispersancy minimizes sludge formation leading to the cleaner engines. Offers stable lubrication and high thermal stability in a broad temperature range. Exceeds the industry standards comparing to conventional oils.

When handling this oil, wear protective goggles or take other measures to prevent eye contact. This Oil contains special additives leaving a protective film upon the surfaces to prevent corrosion and wear. The remaining oil may ignite and the containers may explode. Environmentally friendly low emission, low fuel consumption gasoline Motor Oil meeting factory performance requirements of modern engines from Japanese manufacturers. This oil has been formulated for protecting maximum life and providing maximum efficiency of the exhaust emission reduction systems used in both gasoline and diesel engine vehicles.


This fully synthetic oil has little oil consumption, so users need less oil to their engines. Especially formulated to meet the latest specifications for improvement in engine oil performance and increased fuel economy, and increased emission system durability Category: By buying this product you can collect up to 1 loyalty point.

Advanced, fully-synthetic engine oil engineered for top performance of most modern diesel engines from leading Japanese carmakers, and also suitable for Korean and European gasoline and diesel engines requiring for 0W30 C2 specification oil. Environmentally friendly gasoline motor oil that provides extremely good fuel economy. It reinforces the action of Diesel Particulate Filter.

Fully synthetic multi application motor oil for protection of emission system in Japanese and European automobiles. Performance motor oil blended from synthetic base oils and optimized additives for wide range of older European cars. Gives optimum protection against wear and has strong anticorrosion and anti-foam characteristics as well as high resistance against oxidation Category: Meets the requirement of MB This is very stable, stay-in-grade oil intended for use as catalyst compatible oil in vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filter and Three Way Catalyst in high performance car and light commercial vehicles engines requiring low SAPS oil.

The enhanced frictional characteristics of this oil help improve fuel economy. High-performance synthetic base oils and optimized additive blend provide much better thermal and oxidation stability than regular motor oils, provide forming lubricated film over metal surfaces even under boundary lubrication conditions, protecting engine against wear and tear. Applying the advanced oil technology developed for auto racing by Nippon Oil.

Car Motor Oils | ENEOS Baltics

Following the end of support, web browsers, apps and devices that only support up to TLS1. The lack of sulphur and acidic byproducts prevents oil degradation and achieves superior protection while keeping the engine clean. It is designed to work with the latest emission control systems and exhaust after-treatment devices, such as diesel particulate filters DPF.


Designed to provide enhanced fuel economy, excellent engine cleaning and cold-start engine wear protection. This oil is especially suited for Sports cars with large engine displacement and high output cars driven for long periods at high temperatures and speeds, high-performance cars need outstanding thermal resistance and oxidation stability essential for protecting turbo rotors, which makes this oil ideal choice.

The lack of sulphur and acidic byproducts prevents oil degradation and achieves superior protection. It is an excellent high performance oil for small passenger diesel engines.

Quantity The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1.

Store in a dark location. Performance engine oil with excellent Fuel Economy; specially designed for older Japanese and Korean automobiles. Do not apply pressure to empty containers.

An ultra wide viscosity range fully-synthetic oil for gasoline engines. This oil helps to increase engine efficiency while reducing harmful exhaust emission, ensures exceptional engine durability and allows the extra-long extended oil drain intervals.

ENEOS Sustina 5W40 1L

Inflammation can occur if oil comes into contact with skin. Please confirm the details below to continue the uninterrupted use of the Rakuten Global Market website. Top performance, modern fully-synthetic motor oil for gasoline, LPG and light diesel engines.

Top performance, fully synthetic motor oil for petrol, LPG and light diesel engines as well as for direct injection engines. Advanced fully synthetic oil designed for modern diesel engines for cold start engine protection against wear and for emission systems protection. It is blended skstina synthetic base oils and optimized additives, so its high-temperature oxidation stability is superior to motor oils made from mineral base oils.