An accessible graphic introduction to evolution for the most science-phobic Evolution. The Story of Life on Earth. Written by Jay Hosler; Art by Kevin Cannon . Illustrated by the brilliant duo Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon and written by noted comic author and biology professor Jay Hosler, Evolution. Featuring the same amusing characters as those found in Mark Schultz’s The Stuff of Life: A Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA, Hosler’s.

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All in all, I enjoyed this very much. Some of the pictures might be too cute for teens, and some of the concepts may be too opaque for younger children, but all in all, there are sections in here that should appeal to all ages.

This book is about germs spreading and how they are made. Library Locations and Hours. I will be buying this book for my own personal use and as gifts for some curious minds on my Christmas list. It might make a great introduction for bright youngsters.

It gives an easy to read and fun explanation of how life evolved on the planet, it pf genetics, it explains random mutation, species, parasite, zygotes, and all of them easy to follow, a It’s been a banner month for me and graphic novels.

Evolution Biology — Comic books, strips, etc. There are certain points I feel they could have “hit” like coevolution, directional selection, stabilizing selection. The first is basically transforming a boring, stilted, text-heavy textbook into a boring, stilted, illustration- and text-heavy graphic….

I loved this book from beginning to end. I will admit that my eyes glazed over during the first couple of chapters that deal with the pre-cambrian period, but I think this would be a useful tool for biology teachers and students. Thank you for using the catalog. Hosler, Jay Jay S. Take a chance and make your kid a thinker This book tells the history of genetic life on earth through the eyes of space alien observers trying to figure us humans out.

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I know that I want one.

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth – Jay Hosler – Google Books

The novel puts complex scientific terms in words oon graphics that are easily understandable, while remaining engaging and a joy to read. I agree with your assessment. It’s been a banner month for me and graphic novels. View all 3 comments. Zanimljiv strip gdje dr. Gue udah ngerti tentang materi-materinya. I think everybody should get this book for Christmas! I am interested to see how this plays out in class.

Feb 25, Rachael rated it really liked it Shelves: The previous works from all three creators set the bar high. The illustrations and the aliens make me thi short note review: Read it in a srory. Its got just the right amount of humor in the drawings to make the story fun.

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth

A fun, enjoyable science comic for kids, with good lessons, effective repetition and lots of fun word play. She said after she read Sandwalk Adventure,s she immediately remembered the basic of natural selection again. There’s something I can’t pinpoint, but I’m reminded a little bit of Paul Chadwick’s art.

Complete with glossary, this delightful book seems ideal for nonscientists who want to entertainingly brush up their knowledge of evolution as well as for students from middle school on up. Although Hosler covers a good deal of detailed and complex material the book never feels like a textbook. Presents thee facts in a non-threatening way with lots of specific examples and evooution all the content at the end.

However, some events were stated as fact when they’re actually just one plausible explanation of observed events, such as the meteor off the coast of Baja California causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. Evolution features the same characters introduced in the highly regarded Evolution, the most accessible graphic work on this universally studied subject, takes the reader from earth’s primordial soup to the vestigial structures, like the coccyx and the male nipple, of modern humans.


Nov 12, Seth Saephan rated it really liked it. Lfie 11, Sam Bronstein rated it really liked it. It’s very information-rich, though.

evoultion Unfortunately I don’t see many kids or teens picking this up on their own, aside from that rare breed that really loves to read about science truth be told, I was one of those kids and would have loved this at about age No trivia or quizzes yet.

Open Preview See thf Problem? Apr 04, Scott rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I am a high school science teacher and we have used Hosler’s, “The Stuff of Life” as an enrichment option for the honors Biology class, not the regular track.

Evolution : the story of life on Earth

I kept setting the book aside to look up images of the Great Moa Bird or to watch a clip of David Attenbourg with I never thought I would have laughed so hard at a book about evolution, but this story is told in such a humorous way and some of the illustrations are so silly that I found it hard to keep a straight face.

My 4-year old enjoyed listening to it but I’m not convinced he understood much. This wasn’t up to that stuff. Neke Zanimljiv strip gdje dr.