Frequently asked questions about FCMA soft starters. 1. What is the difference between an FCMA and conventional magnetic amplifier or saturable core reactor . User case study on starting of pumps with FCMA soft starters on captive power in sponge iron plant with a view to save capital cost and maintenance cost. Fcma Soft Starter manufacturers – ELTECH ENGINEERING is a leading manufacturer & exporter of Fcma Soft Starter, Soft Starters, wholesale Fcma Type Soft.

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Eltech Make Soft Starters are an integrated solution for motor starting and protection with user-friendly features to ensure safe and easy operation. FCMA is totally non-saturable and hence does not generate any harmonics. Motor Starters in Pune. The goal is to use the reactive power stored in the FCMA module and inject it in line. Get in Touch with us Eltech Engineering.

Low Voltage compensators are connected to the MC winding and this current is reflected by the ER winding into the line high voltage system.


This helps in optimizing the power source i. Working Principle Flux Compensated Magnetic Amplifier soft starters are step less reduced Eoft starters which ensure a constant low starting current with incremental voltage and torque to the motor to achieve smooth acceleration of the drive.

Posted by Hitesh Vadnagare at 3: A built-in bypass contactor closes to ensure full voltage running of the motor. Conventional motor protections are sufficient. Bypass contactor operation can be time, Current or speed based.

The magnet is provided with a retentive core so that even in the event of control supply failure the magnet opens only after 0. About Me Hitesh Vadnagare View my complete profile.

Low Voltage FCMA Soft Starter

Thursday, May 13, Blogger Buzz: Standard models will be 3 to 3. As the starfers flux is sinusoidal the FCMA does not generate any harmonics. We at Lecon Energetics understand this and customize every application.

CNC fabricated panel construction with up to ip45 protection by default. It contains the wiring of 3-phase source input, the output to motor, and the bypass contactor connection. Voltage sttarters limitations if any. Customization Expertise in application engineering. Assured support for commissioning and after sales services.


This is innovative technology for incremental motor voltage and torque at constant reduced current. Starting current — 1. Soft starters have no Hz regulation capabilities.

So, that is why your soft starter is probably tripping. Which model suits you Line Side or Neutral side? Tailored made solution to suite the requirements and customers priorities. Product Support Services Forum mySupport.

The values of starting current can be adjusted at site and six such adjustments are provided. Number of Employees 11 to 25 People. Site Explorer Site Explorer.

FCMA Soft starter – Innovative Technomics Europe

This leads to saving in transformer capacity and cost. An additional coil protection relay is provided for additional safety. Full sinewave with MSR soft starter hence no harmonics generated.

Of starts per hour. Claims of this technology are zero harmonics in power. Zero maintenance hence zero operations cost.

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