Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop FERMAX AUDIO AUTOMATIC SWITCHER. Maximum 7 accesses. 1 switcher is required for each audio/video door access. In installations with 2 accesses, only 1 switcher is needed. For residential. Find great deals for Fermax Ref Automatic Audio Switcher. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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It indicates the communication status. S1 x Flush box dimensions: Video with keypad and 1 push. The modules are smart system linked, facilitating their repair fwrmax maintenance, as well as the subsequent inclusion of more cutting-edge equipment or new modules.

Additional characters incur a separate charge. Flush-mounted or surface installation.

FERMAX Automatic Audio Switcher Video Telephone Security Door Entry Access | eBay

A base rate otherwise agreed in writing. Texturised finish for easy cleaning and ultraviolet protection. The guard unit can communicate with any access or home, and can stablish communication between any 2 points of the installation ref. The integrated digital audio technology ensures a high quality hands-free communication without interference.

Modules come in 2 sizes: Allows to cover gaps in the panel for future module installations. Compact, extra slim with a unique design. No physical contact is ref. One set is required for each additional frame installed between the flush box.


It utilises a connector to link with an external PB-Acid battery. Goods for any guarantee excess of these.

fermax –

Remote management via internet is possible if there are no protection devices firewall in the computer installation. Door lock N-S 12Vac. Maximum 3 terminal per house. Voice synthesizer as standard 32 languages. Allows pairing of 2 relays, one as sender and the other as receiver, for remote switching.

The system has 2 operating modes: VDS The same efrmax kit ref. Accepts a reader for entrance and another for exit, exit button, door sensor, free access button. RESISTS SKYLINE manufacturing materials — anodized aluminium profile, chromed zamak pushbuttons and reinforcements, polycarbonate transparent elements, stainless steel inner grids, etc – are chosen for their beauty and maximum resistance to bad weather conditions. A Central Unit is required.

Fermax Ref 8811 Automatic Audio Switcher

Includes a 50cm cable. The technical and aesthetic characteristics of the Products may be modified from time to time. Add an 8 Automatic functioning and small shield.

Automatic opening when the authorised cell phone is within range of the receiver, or by means of a keypad confirmation or introducing a PIN. LYNX sets new standards for processing power and performance for video door entry system equipments allowing: Unlimited distances from end to end of an installation. Can store up to 40 authorised telephones in stand-alone mode. Simplifies the installation and programming works. To configure the hardware central unit, readers, decoders, etc.


Flush-box ST1 included ref. MAX version not allowed. E1 Call extension module.

The company has developed and fsrmax on the values that have made it a global sucess: The same monitor can be installed surface or flush-mounted. Our customers are professionals with whom we establish long lasting bonds based on competitive pricing, excellent service, free unlimited technical assistance service and an exceptional product.

High power and performance 2W amplifier.

Feermax user and installer can simply set or remove barriers for data protection. Admits up to different codes that can activate 1 or 2 relays.

Fermax Corporate

The image disappears after a few seconds, or when the handset is replaced. Proximity cards 5 units. AC electric lock commander ref. Includes 2 software PC for programming and system management: Needed in codified digital panels.

It allows as well to forward the call to one or two external land lines or mobile fdrmax. F1 Door lock release 12Vac ref. Flush-mounted 45 36 36 mm protusion from the wall one fixed.