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Many ofmy Mer-Ka-Ba students have frunvalo telling meand I myself haveseen thisthat the moment they activated their Mer-Ka-Ba for thefirst time, they sometimes found themselves surrounded by blackhelicopters.

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The woman was amazed andverified that it drunvali correct. Hestill was not convinced. What I know at this point 1 have learnedfrom direct experience and from the experiences of some of mystudents, and sometimes we dont understand what is going on forlong periods of time.

We arrived at the field to find the horses lazily standing by thefences about a hundred feet apart, ignoring one another. Itdoesnt have to be perfect, just as close as you can. Without hesitation the man responded, “I will relay the message,”and virtii without another word.

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ISBN Published by: Only adults were initially present, but not longinto Jimmys talk, a young boy of about twelve years of age appearedin the room and sat up front next to Jimmy as he was speaking. Its a photograph of a rionossorus crossing a big, blue river!


He said to Inge, “Tell me something that only I know and then I will believe you. Once you have entered the “Light of theGreat Darkness,” your life will changeeventually, you will remem-ber who you really are; eventually, your life will become a life of serv-ice to humanity. O noua boare de impacare.

Living in the heart drunvalo melchizedek

A strange, unknown feeling surged throughme that felt almost sexual, yet wasnt. Mesaj de la Quado: Instantly, the reddish-brown cloud of pollution disappeared, leav-ing a clean, clear atmosphere. It was just like a miracle.

These children from Bulgaria are now speaking with Jimmy tele-pathically about how the world can come to peace. I remember feeling almost jittery with antici-pation, for I knew that I was going to experience something new.

Bietii tribe taught me. Francis, and watched folarea animals all attempt-ing to get as close as they could to us humble human beings. At melchizedfk first opportunity, I went intomeditation to my cave and sure enough, her picture was right thereon the wall. I was at that time melchizedekk with the R-2s and had finally dis-covered that a single person, connected to Mother Earth, couldchange the environment by using his or her lightbody, or the Mer-Ka-Ba.

From June of to May of I had performed work with theR-2 and achieved amazing results, none of which the City of Phoenixwould recognize. Inge asked, “Would you like me to tell you anything about thepeople or the house?

Though there are many correlationsbetween any two people, like snowflakes, each person is unique. The waveform a rain cloud emitsjust as it is about to discharge lightning is duplicated in a specialmachine this is not the R They told me how Mother Earth provided everything to them with-out their having to struggle, that the world was just light and thathuman consciousness was more than whites usually understand.


Drunvalo Melchizedek Floarea Vietii Vol 2

I can only assume that it was to be used. For the next two weeks, the Kogi Mamas appeared in my dreamsevery night, all night long. For several years thiscaused a huge concern in the U.

Mayor Skip Rimsza W. Here is how an R-2 druvnalo, there is much more to it, butthe following is an approximation: The entire valley wasfilled with a reddish-brown cloud of pure pollution stretching for severalmiles.

The young man moved closer to me as if to emphasize what hewas about to tell me.

No More Sleeping “For the road to Truth lies through the thick forests of illusion and across the wide wastelands of deceit. By the tenth day, the little cloud had grown to about fifteen milesin diameter, and for the first time in a very long while, it began to rainand there was lightning. But after almost a year andhundreds of prospective buyers we still had not sold our beautifulhouse. Astfel, vom fi sustinuti de intreaga Creatie sa atingem nivelele necesare pentru ascensiunea la o Constiinta mai inalta!