U.S. Army FM The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills · Introduction · Warrior Ethos Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skill Level Buy Field Manual FM (FM ) The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Soldier Training Publication STP SMCT Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks : Sure you can learn about combat tactics, but the survival and medical skills. As suggested by a reader. Of course, things might all just end happily ever after. Bets?.

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Use the following techniques to avoid being seen or heard by the enemy: It is a part of the M chemical-agent detector kit.

FM 21-75: Combat Skills Of The Soldier

This is called a pressure dressing. These are basic skills that must be learned by soldiers in all military occupational specialties MOS. Keep your hair clean, neatly combed, and trimmed. Interference in the skils of static often occurs when you use radios near powerlines or electrical generators. It was, for people in National Guard combat units, an achievable thing to accomplish, in a way that getting sent to Airborne or Ranger schooling, was not. 2-175

Leaves, grass, or sticks can also be attached to the cover. A wound must be dressed and bandaged to protect it from further contamination, as well as to stop the bleeding. The effectiveness of any visual signal depends on a set cpmmon prearranged meanings. Liquid agents may be dispersed on you, your equipment, the terrain, and foliage. However, if a sound alerts you, you are more apt to spot the enemy.

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Seat the handset firmly in the retain- ing cradle. Introduction to Patrolling Chpt If the unit is not known, report any distinctive features, such as bumper markings on trucks, or type of headgear.

Also, the walls of the platform may need revetments. Use the field first-aid dressing in the first-aid packet to dress’ and bandage a wound.

Decontaminate communication equipment by airing, weathering, or hot air if available. If no warning is received prior to a detonation, there is no effective means of protecting operating equipment. Join 1, other followers. When your position has overhead cover across its center, dig a storage compartment in the bottom of the back wall. Two exceptions to this are when trans- mitting exact multiples of thousands and when identifying a specific code group in a coded mes- sage.

Report where you saw the enemy. Panel markers are a series of cloth panels that you spread on the ground to communicate with aircraft.

Full text of “FM Combat Skills of the Soldier”

It adds to confusion, magnifies troubles, and causes you to imagine things which really do not solfier. This proword is not used skilks nets primarily employed for conveying messages. Combat OP sighted four enemy tanks moving west along secondary road at grid coordinates NB at Z. However, riding on a tank makes you vulnerable to all types of fire. A searcher must not get between a PW and the guard. A unit’s action may also indicate its type. Put the mine in the hole.


Use it to cross places where the conceal- FM ment is very low and enemy fire or observation prevents you from getting up. Keep the casualty warm.

Curling upon your side or, better yet, lying on your back with knees drawn up to the chest is best. For information on how to dress and band- age different wounds, see chapter 6, FM Overhead cover is not usually built across the center of the hole in a Dragon position. It comes from the radio- active material originally in a nuclear weapon or from material, such as soil and equipment, made radioactive by the nuclear explosion.

Instructions for the use of the kit are printed on its container.