According to the theory in question, propositions or Thoughts. (Gedanken) exist in the quite special sense of being ‘wirklich’—a. Fregean term of art which I shall. In focusing on Frege’s account of thinking, rather than ‘thoughts [Gedanken]’ or the ‘truth-values [Wahrheitswerthe]’ of thoughts, their approach. PDF | Michael Dummett has advanced, very influentially, the view that Frege means truth conditions by his notion of thought (Gedanke). My aim in this paper is to.

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Names such as “Romulus” or “Odysseus”, and phrases such as “the least rapidly converging series” or “the present King of France” express senses, insofar as they lay out criteria that frsge would have to satisfy if they were to be the references of these expressions. Louis Nebert, ; reprinted in Angelelli [] pp. Northwestern University Press, Black in Black []Geach and Black [] frsge. An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

Frege, Gottlob | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

However, as we have seen, Frege’s definition of numbers heavily involves the notion of classes or value-ranges, but his logical treatment of them is shown to be impossible due to Russell’s paradox.

And as “On Sense and Reference. His full christened name was Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege.

Related articles in Google Scholar. Notify me of new comments via email. Reprint of the edition of Frege [] and [a]with Corrigenda. Frege is often credited with having founded predicate logic. Frege was the first to understand a statement such as “all students are hardworking” as saying roughly the same as, “for all values of xif x is a student, then x is hardworking”.

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While the truth of an identity statement involves only the references of the component expressions, the informativity of such statements involves additionally the way in which those references are determined, i. The natural numbers then consist of fregs, the successor of zero onethe successor of the successor of zero twoand so on ad infinitum.

In Frege’s terminology, an object gednke which a concept has the True as value is said to ” fall under ” the concept.

Gottlob Frege > Chronological Catalog of Frege’s Work (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Olms contains the English version of Frege [] AustinJ. Moreover, Rudolf Carnap was one of Frege’s students from toand doubtlessly Frege had significant influence on Carnap’s interest in logic and semantics and his subsequent intellectual development and successes. Werk und WirkungPaderborn: Unlike Frege’s later system, the system of the Begriffsschrift was fully consistent. However, inFrege finally finished a revised volume, employing a slightly revised logical system.

Reflections on Frege’s Philosophy. De Gruyterpp.

Gottlob Frege

In the wake of Russell’s gwdanke of descriptions, a Fregean sense is often interpreted as a set of descriptive information or criteria that picks out its reference in virtue of the reference alone satisfying or fitting that descriptive information. Frege’s logicism was limited to arithmetic; unlike other important historical logicists, gedanje as Russell, Frege did not think that geometry was a branch of logic.

Sign in via your Institution Sign in. However, he was not able to write much or publish anything about his new theory. The Interpretation of Frege’s Philosophy. Frege invited him to Jena to discuss his views. The distinction between levels of functions involves what kind of arguments the functions take. In particular, they are functions mapping objects onto truth-values.

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Email alerts New issue alert. Here we can see the connection with the understanding of number expressions as being statements about concepts. Frege puts the distinction to work in solving a puzzle concerning identity claims.

Kaal in McGuinness [] pp.

A person x bears this relation to y just in case x is y ‘s child. Numbers cannot be equated with anyone’s mental images, nor truths of mathematics with psychological truths. Principle of compositionalitycontext principlequantification theorypredicate calculuslogicismsense and referenceFrege’s puzzlesconcept and objectsortalThird Realmmediated reference theory Frege—Russell viewdescriptivist theory of namesredundancy theory of truth[6] set-theoretic definition of natural numbersHume’s principleBasic Law VFrege’s theoremFrege—Church ontologyFrege—Geach problemlaw of trichotomytechnique for binding arguments [7].

A closer look at this passage, however, reveals only the weaker claim that ‘thinking in human beings’ is ‘at first mixed with representations and feelings’ 46 — something compatible with human thinking ‘at first’ and ever after also including logical elements.

Email required Address never made public. Edited by Michael Beaney. Carnap’s notes from these lectures, in German, are reproduced in Gabriel [] pp.

However, these were not wholly new works, but later drafts of works he had initiated in the s. After Frege’s graduation, they came into closer correspondence.