Online Go/Baduk/Weiqi game records database with fuseki and joseki trees. Consist from games played on Kiseido Go Server (KGS). Welcome to the Fuseki Dictionary. The dictionary will enable you to perform fuseki (opening) searches in thousands of online professional Go. These even game studies of the fuseki are primarily concerned with the full board strategy as opposed to joseki. However, since fuseki is.

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Since each move is typically isolated and unforced i.

Thus between 5 and 6 the scale of strength leans decidedly in favour of black. An fusdki move in classical thinking, it was considered an insult to someone of the Honinbo’s stature. A few simple rules Then Dia 3 develops into a ko, for the life of the white group.

Things which you might be interested to learn from the professional games are: In this case, however, black has as a valuable outpost to the initial corner play of. This sequence would cost black a great deal, as then becomes redundant.

Fuseki pages

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He has, however, here chosen 15 for the purpose of occupying the south side towards the west.

Against black’s strong bamboo loint, 6 is practically helpless; whereas 5, although pitted against white’s entrenchment in the corner still enjoys the advantage of possible extensions fudeki the north west.


The reason for this is that one’s play should not be narrowly focused on attempting to secure points quickly by occupying the corners first. These studies will be published in the same order as originally written.

Even Game Fuseki Studies – Part 1 | British Go Association

White plays here to reduce the black territory in this sector. When white directly attacks black 1 the best reply is 3 fjseki A. Higher points are discouraged. See also BGJ 2 page 18 move 9.

The main reason for choosing an existing index is that it will enable you to study the fuseki using these books while using the online dictionary to fetch up-to-date examples of each of the fuseki types coming straight from the tough battle grounds of professional Go.

The last plays form a joseki that is not played much these days. White now awaits, among other possibilities a counter-attack with Black 21′ at S.

Unlike the territory-oriented playing style, this approach emphasizes control of the center. Some players occupy the side very quickly in order to build up a good framework, while some place their stones around the center.

Fuseki – Wikipedia

The first part deals with all komoku style openings as for example the famous Shusaku fuseki type. The range of possibilities is great, and the number of game records from high-level play that are actually published is not so large even now a few thousand a year, only.


Only a proportion of fusekis have recognised or specific names. These plays are indispensible after white 8. Hence a game of Go may easily explore an unfamiliar path. White here had an alternative in W.

Retrieved fuseoi ” https: However this is bad, for then Dia 2 follows Black 8′ could be at A. November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

These include the two-star fuseki nirensei fusekithree-star fuseki sanrensei fusekiChinese fusekiKobayashi fusekiand Shusaku fuseki. As played on a large board e.

In size of areas, however, white’s corner is larger than black’s side position. It is gi to play here now, whether or not white has played at B. At this stage of the fuseki, it is of no consequence to discuss the comparative advantages of F and 8. These even game studies of the fuseki are primarily concerned with the full board strategy as opposed to joseki. This article is about Go formations.