Allodium,Interesting. There are three possibilities.1) It is not needed and can be omitted.2) It is needed and there is a mistake on the circuit. i’m sorryi dont underestand english goodi try speak to you1. can i use instrumentation Amp Amplifier Instead Of UA 2. the piezo is not work3. does any one made complete goldscan IV PI metal detector?is it stable?what about the depth?what about the operating frequency?what about.

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Shaft mounted electronics plus 11″ search loop 3. Just think the new GS5 is even better!!!

Pulse Technology Goldscan 4

If the ground is strongly iron mineralised the Ground CANcelling facility can be brought into play while areas contaminated with much metallic iron can benefit from the use of the SELect 1 switch position.

Getting back to the original Holdscan, one really doesn’t realize how close the original Goldscan was to becoming one super gold hunting PI.

That’s why my preference is manual ground balance with optional automatic, or manual only. The design has been changed both mechanically and electronically to embody the latest technology in both areas.

REG GoldScan Model 4 1/2

Thanks for clearing that up for me Terry as i had visions of a real prospecting paradise forming in the greymatter and who would prospect in a desert when when beautiful islands beckon lol. For areas with excessive pull tabs and large pieces of silver paper the Foil I control can be used to reduce sensitivity to these items.

This is a project that I started and ending up sending to Reg for his help. If we a re willing to make a deposit up front we could get the “Introductory Price” and those that wait pay the “Regular Price”. Unwittingly opened the door for Minelab. The output indication is both visual on a meter and audible on speaker or phones. I would ground balance to the hot rocks.


It about as light as your typical Tesoro. May 22, One can truly appreciate Eric’s intellect when they fully examine on a technical level, this PI and the features it had. However I did get a gold nugget that was made in to a gold ear ring several years ago. The search loops are available in two sizes: We’re looking for dealer sponsor.

Technology Forum

We’re looking for dealer sponsor. The GS has variable Pulse Delay. In other areas the 8″ coil will give greater accuracy while still achieving outstanding ranges. Hi Steve As far as I know this http: A Li-Ion battery pack replaced the old heavy, separate battery box and power cord and a pigtail with headphone connector. The charge is usually zero!!! Hi Andrew, The Goldscan IV has a manual ground balance circuit, however it cannot be easily adapted to run at the same sensitivity as the Goldquest SS.

Eric, The minute you build a ground balancing version of the Goldecan I will buy one Switch over to the Probe to quickly locate a find in a dug hole or to probe between rocks and large stones.

In clear uncluttered areas the 11 ” coil goldscab be used on the jv to achieve maximum depth performance. Detection Range Reset Threshold.

Hi Steve from what I’ve read ground balancing it can also cancel out wanted targets as well as add interferance. Heck, I’d even help finance the project! It is not possible to overcharge using the chargers supplied.


The battery unit is connected to the main electronics via a coiled extension lead. Without Eric’s help, and willingness to share his wealth of knowledge, I would still be struggling with the basics of a PI. Only gold in Hawaii is what people loose. An obvious suggestion perhaps, but with the connection of the above technologies together and then fitted with a Minelab coil connector, we would have the benefits of using Coilteks range of discs Just the addition of the autotune plus updating the preamp and a few other tricks can make the original GS quite a machine even by today’s standards.

Despite what many manufacturers claim PI units ARE affected by ground conditions, and so ground balancing capability if desirable for best perormance in a gold nugget detector. Some of the features built into this new GS 5 model are really quite unique. I think judging by the number of interested Aussies on this forum, there are quite a few of us that refuse to pay Minelab’s exhorbitant prices.

Be assured that myself and others are working to that end. Only the best high specification components are used and the circuits are subjected to three stages of testing plus a burn in period to ensure the performance is stabilised and is consistent between detectors. The auto circuit wants to “tune into” the gold.