The controversial Jason Grimsley affidavit was unsealed today, and contrary to reports from , Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens were not named in the. Grimsley affidavit open. Former Oklahoma State star Pete Incaviglia was accused of taking amphetamines, according to an affidavit unsealed. The unsealed affidavit contradicts a story The Times published Oct. 1, Citing anonymous sources, including a Grimsley confidant and an.

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Late Thursday, an affidavit by Novitzky used in the case involving Radomski was unsealed, revealing several low-profile names, including former Mets All-Star Sid Fernandez.

Voss in Phoenix cited the newspaper for “abusive reporting” in its article that linked Clemens to the affidavit. In fact, Clemens, Pettitte, Gibbons and Roberts were not named. Pettitte and Jay Gibbons have admitted in recent weeks that they used human growth hormone, with the pitcher saying he used HGH twice in — three years before it was banned by baseball.

Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. Grimsley said the discussion with Tejada, Sosa aaffidavit Palmeiro was about “how they were going to play the baseball season next year” once MLB began testing for amphetamines in His scores make his case.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Hearst, however, was not given a copy late Thursday when the affidavit was unsealed. Grimsley named Berroa as an anabolic steroid user and said Incaviglia “always had a supply of amphetamines. Roberts admitted a single use of steroids inand Clemens has denied using any performance-enhancing drugs.


He has not pitched in the big leagues since. Gibbons, Roberts, Tejada, Clemens and Pettitte waited 15 months to have their names cleared in the Grimsley case, but that revelation comes a week after all five were implicated in former U. Just after the newspaper’s report was published, Kevin Ryan, then afffidavit U.

District Court, and the company asked the 2nd U.

Jason Grimsley affidavit unsealed; Roger Clemens not mentioned – NY Daily News

Grimsley, who spent 15 seasons in the major leagues, asked for and was given his release by the Arizona Diamondbacks the day after the raid. When Grimsley’s affidavit first was released in Juneplayers’ names were blacked out.

As the record now clearly proves, Roger was telling the truth then, just as he continues to tell the truth today,” Clemens’ lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said in a statement.

Dan Connolly Sun reporter.

3 ’07 O’s not users in Grimsley affidavit

Thu, December 27, George Mitchell that he had supplied Clemens and Pettitte with performance-enhancing drugs, had referred him to a source for amphetamines. Segui said last year that his name was in the affidavit. Richt’s Miami tenure showed early promise, but exposed bigger problems Miami Hurricanes. Circuit Court of appeals to review the case.

The affidavit was released late in the day, and it was not possible to contact the players’ union to find out the last known representatives of the retired players. Grimsley said he obtained steroids, HGH and amphetamines from that source, Novitzky said.

The source was not identified. Segui, the former Oriole affidavt prominently mentioned by Grimsley, went public with his inclusion in the document after the blacked-out version was filed in June Roberts admitted to using steroids once in and likely won’t be penalized by Major League Baseball.


Former major league pitcher Jason Grimsley accused baseball players Jose Canseco, Lenny Dykstra, Glenallen Hill and Geronimo Berroa of using grimaley, according to a federal affidavit that was unsealed Thursday, 18 affivavit after the document was first released with players’ names blacked out. Tejada’s name was mentioned when Grimsley described a conversation he had with Baltimore Orioles teammates Tejada, Palmeiro and Sammy Sosa about how they would play after baseball banned amphetamines.

Investigators in the BALCO case in San Francisco said last year Grimsley initially cooperated with their investigation but then withdrew his assistance. George Mitchell’s report on illegal drug use in baseball. The source was not identified. When the affidavit first was released in Juneplayers’ names were blacked out. Voss in Phoenix referenced The Times’ story from last year and said he was “compelled to point out what appears to be an example of abusive reporting.

Grimsley also declined to cooperate with former Senate majority leader George Mitchell and his staff. At worst, the ‘facts’ reported were simply manufactured.