GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements incorporates every new general enhancement published for GURPS as of fall Your support of the author’s rights is. An e23 Sourcebook for GURPSSTEVE JACKSON GAMESStock # Version March Written by JASON PK LEVINEIllustrated by. Enhance Your Game! Enhancements are useful tools, providing unlimited ways to modify advantages. GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements adds to the.

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However, some ability concepts call forthese enhancements to lose effectiveness as the advantageincreases in power. AP AmmoYou can fire armor-piercing rounds instead of normal ones. His transformations only last a few weeks, but there is no sim-ple way to end the effect before enhncements Once On, Stays On enhancement, It may be applied to anymelee or ranged attack that does crushing, cut-ting, or impaling damage.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Power-Ups

Your switchable abilityrequires a Will roll to activate, and a further Will roll everyminute to maintain. The list intentionally leaves off limitations; acquiring an attackwith limited utility doesnt reduce the usefulness of your built-instrength! Follow the complete Dungeon Fantasy line for even more dungeon-crawling fun. The attack can bounce on power-up way tothe target! As such, the GM should be carefulwhen vetting an gurpe based on a heavily enhanced advantage. You mustspecify all particulars required by the ability when you activateit, and cant change these later on.

These ratios assume a campaign with a significant amount offast time and real time Time During Adventures, p.


Let’s GURPS: Review: Power-Ups 4 – Enhancements

Privileged attack Cosmic level7. The bard has -5 in low mana. See also Usually On p. Your ability only affects others while theyre touching you. Total the desired modifiers.

GURPS 4e – Power Ups 4 – Enhancements.pdf

B for guidance with recording a complex attacks statistics. As always, the GM is the finalarbiter of which enhancements fit a given ability. CrisisTimes Five Those intended for non-physical attacks: Each level of Enhahcements makes the penalties one stepmore favorable.

It shifts the roll from the usual attribute or secondary charac-teristic to a different one. Hurps the highestpoint cost of all these modes, and ignore the others. This combina-tion is useful for simulating secure tactical communicators.

You can use your Enhanced Movewith any combat maneuver. This does not allow you tomake hairpin turns at fullspeed use Cosmic, Complete maneuverability for thatbutyou can approach a point at full speed, stop and change facing,then zoom away on your next turn.

If the PC has access to a way to boost basic damage,improve the damage type, or both, you must take this intoaccount when enhsncements what the Innate Attack would cost.

In such a case, only a roll of succeeds; treatthis as success by 0, not as automatic resistance! If you don’t have all the fundamental power books, I’d definitely recommend getting them before this one, but if you have them already, and need help sifting through them now, this is a nice tool for that purpose.

This is possible, using the cost of Enhanced Defenses p.


Whenever the wearer of such gear isexposed to the gas, roll against his equipments HT. Any failure means enough gasseeps in to affect him and reduce the HT of his equipment by1 this loss is cumulative.

Dirge25 points for level 1, plus 5 pointsfor each additional levelDirge dooms the bards enemies to failure and disaster, usu-ally in combat. Finally, you’ll find a table of every enhancement — including ratings for those classic abilities.

Second, youmust specify a category of treat-ment that works normally. See also ST-Based pp. Note that a dash in the Caution column means this is a group entry e. To improve RoF, consult Rapid Fire p. The summoner is safe if heremains at the eye as is any foe in close combat with him butif he steps fromwhere he started his Storm, he takes damage. This force field worksagainst attacks and hazards crossing it from the outside.

Enhancrments simple modifiers allowgamers to customize, tweak, and empower their advantages inan infinite number of ways.

This is a one-stop compendium of all powerups enhancements introduced after the Basic Set was released — over 50 total, including several never before seen in any other GURPS supplement!

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