Despite the vulnerable position of the testicles, testicular trauma is of hematocele, obvious testicular fracture planes, or disruption of the. Scrotal haematocoeles are collections of blood within the scrotal sac, but outside of the testis. Pathology A haematocele normally results from trauma to the. The differential diagnosis with a testicular tumour can become very of an idiopathic hematocele, which was mistaken for a testicular cancer.

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A careful physical examination should include identification of the normal anatomic structures of the scrotum, and transillumination of any mass. At MRI, the left testicle was surrounded and compressed by this mass, although it did not show clear signs of infiltration.

henatocele Urologic and male genital cancers. Collection hematoccele multiple, incomplete septa inside, in a patient with hyperemia and pain in the scrotum. Clinically, it presents as a hardened mass or a little scrotal discomfort. The T2-weighted images may have a variable appearance, and chronic hematomas may present with a hyposignal halo hematocelee to hemosiderin deposition 5 Figure Such a condition is rather associated with testicular torsion in the peripuberal period the other peak of testicular torsion incidence occurs in the perinatal period 2.

Macroscopically, the testis was almost swallowed by the mass, which had a necrotic-haemorrhagic appearance. Services on Demand Journal. A spermatocele is a retention cyst of the epididymis.


Radionuclide imaging is accurate in diagnosing testicular torsion but, because of the time delay involved, is not often employed.

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Iconographic Essay Scrotal collections: Cass AS, Luxenberg M. Such situations should be differentiated and the nature of the collections should be determined when possible. There is no contrast-enhancement of the collection. That is the case of the hematocele, which results from the accumulation of blood within the vaginal sac, usually as a consequence of trauma. With complete descent of the testis, the surrounding tunica vaginalis testis separates from the processus vaginalis testis.

Ringdahl E, Teague L. The left testis was not evaluable morphologically. This gradual development of hematoceles is not unusual1. Clinical examination is essential in the evaluation of scrotal pathologies, in cases of both painful and painless scrotal testicuoar.

US MR imaging correlation in pathologic conditions of the scrotum. However, a hydrocele may appear at any age as a painless, unilateral scrotal swelling of acute or insidious onset.

Strangulated indirect inguinal hernias present as acute painful masses, hematocelle accompanied by abdominal complaints such as pain, nausea, and vomiting. Presumably minor trauma results in rupture of dilated microvessels beneath the fibrous capsule.

The strange case of a hematocele mistaken for a neoplastic scrotal mass

He related that the swelling of the left side of the scrotum had been persistent ever since. Sonography of the Scrotum.

Case Report An year-old man presented with a left-sided scrotal mass which extended in the internal femoral region. The mass was asymptomatic, except for a local discomfort caused by its size. A patient with mild to moderate pain and a stable ITH on serial ultrasound can be safely observed.

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This entity should be considered in the differential diagnosis of scrotal masses, even in the absence of a clear history of trauma. Hydrocele is the most frequently found type of collection, followed by hematocele and, most rarely, pyocele 1. Although the persistent processus vaginalis is congenital, symptomatic indirect inguinal hernias may develop at any age.

The strange case of a hematocele mistaken for a neoplastic scrotal mass

Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: However, no size parameters or specifics of the ITH were given for these patients and only one patient was followed up. Address correspondence to Jeffrey D. Such a technique is useful in the assessment of testicular diseases. Genital and Lower Urinary Tract Trauma. All patients underwent at least one scrotal ultrasound reviewed by the same urologist.

To testiicular the full article, log in or purchase access. Magnetic resonance imaging Hekatocele revealed a well-defined encapsulated left solid mass with areas of septations and loculations fig. The final diagnosis was hematocele.