The modular ice cube machines with vertical evaporator are specially conceived for large scale users: fast food restaurants, discos, hotels and. ICEMATIC NM KG ICE MACHINE FOR SALE Cape Town, South Africa New price R @ Scotsman Serviced and regassed by Macbrothers Cont. Icematic NM ice machine & tray(bin) price negotable.

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Pressure Freeze Max Machine makes irregular ice. Observe first ice cube harvest and check size of ice cubes; if an adjustment is required thread down or out screw N. The above sequence is repeted 7 times so to be sure to have removed any possible trace of citric acid.

In a very good condition. CA Ice cubes are essentials for bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and fast food chains: I am selling a Gemsy overlocker model Gem D still i good working condition for viewing please contact me for viewing Divan i am also on whatsapp.

We will also provide you with full training on the machine and the s. The lead wires must be connected to an electrical plug that corresponds to the local electrical codes and requirements or to a separate two poles disconnect box with opening to the contacts of about 3 millimeters.

When the current reaches the PC Board, the water inlet solenoid valve is de-energised. Furnished with storage bin. Evacuate and weigh in charge. Board Located in the control box, this board is the brain of the system as it governs the ice machine cyclematic through sensors, relays and switch. Reference to other portions of this manual, inclusing wiring diagrams, installation, and operation are recommended to better determine the cause of a problem.

This liquid travels through the liquid line to the metering device, a thermostatic expansion valve. Plasma Cutter For Sale amp Plasma profile cutter x mm cutting bed size, amp hypertherm technology, starcut controller and software package included.


Compressor Contactor Located in the control box, the compressor contactor functions to carry the compressor line current. I have read and accept the privacy policy. When the plates get dirty it will cause ice to hang on to plate. Brand new Upholstery sewing machine R 7 For Sale Brand new kingstar single needle industrial upholstery sewing machines.

You can use this powerful device to cle. A bargain at this price. Your message has been submitted successfully.

Ice Machines – Icematic Modular Ice Cube Machines

Other Business Equipment; Region: In the air cooled versions, in relation to the different current received, the micro processor of the P. Thanks to its external body in stainless steel and its easy visibility, this ice-makers series represents the best solution for all activities that require high ice volume.

Bin Full of ice. CONTROL SEQUENCE At the start of the freezing cycle, the contacts of the magnetic switch mechanically operated by 21 GB the actuator plate of the deflector cover are closed, thereby – via electronic control board closing the circuit to the main contactor coil and consequently to the compressor and fan motors and 30″ later, to the water pump motors.

Ice Bin Door Icematic N201M Ice Machine – (£191.57 / Excluding VAT)

A great help in first aid, post surgery, laboratory, cosmetology and pharmaceutical: Technology Thanks to a continuous and regular water flow, the water is distributed on a refrigerated surface designed to obtain greater ice production. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions.

Check and tighten all bolts and screws. Check for water leaks and make corrections. Pretoria – Centurion 2 weeks ago.

This action cleans-up and rinses the sump during each harvest cycle preventing dangerous water minerales concentration. Water Regulating Valve Water Cooled Models The Water Regulating Valve functions maintain a constant Compressor head pressure, by regulating the amount of incoming water flow through the Condenser, on water-cooled models.

Please enter a valid email address. Check sensor fingers if are not covered with scale sediment. Add a bead of food grade silicone sealant to the top edges of the lower units freezing compartment.

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The machine remains in the freezing cycle with the ice that become thicker till the two metal plates of the Ice Thickness Sensor are covered by the water cascading through the front surface of the ice plate.

Neon 3 tube light box R For Sale 1. Do you want to earn an extra income or just ad value to your existing business??? Insulations in high humidity areas is recommended.

Board is set up for Manual reset mode. Lay the bin on its back, using cardboard from the carton to support it, screw in the legs. After 3 minutes from the start up of the freezing cycle, the Water Inlet Solenoid Valve is activated again for few seconds till the water reaches the maximum level so to nn201m any possibility of slush ice formation.

Magnetic Switch Located in the front of the evaporator plastic curtain, this switch sends a pulse to the P. It is enough that this contact remains there for about 10 seconds that the P.

After the gas is cooled in the condenser, giving up much of its heat, the gas condenses into a high pressure liquid. Stitches those heavy materials that your standard domestic or your standard industrial sew. The contactor is wired to receive power from the P. Cold Room ,good conditionideal for your n201mm R 21 For Sale Cold Room ,good condition ,ideal for your business Pretoria – Centurion 2 weeks ago. FBRo Pretoria – Centurion 2 weeks ago.