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ISO Terminology work — Vocabulary — Part 1: Theory and application. standard by International Organization for Standardization. Buy PN ISO TERMINOLOGY WORK – VOCABULARY – PART 1: THEORY AND APPLICATION from SAI Global. Buy NS ISO 1ED TERMINOLOGY WORK – VOCABULARY – PART 1: THEORY AND APPLICATION from SAI Global.

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Terminological Dictionary Term Definition: System of signs for communication usually consisting of a vocabulary and rules. 10087-1 used in a subject field and characterized by the use of specific linguistic means of expression. Index term of a thesaurus denoting a concept wider than that of another index term with which it has a downward hierarchical relation.

In terminology work three types of designations are distinguished: The structure of a system whose components are ranked into levels of subordination for communication purposes according to specific rules. Part of a terminological 1078-1 collection which contains the terminological data related to one concept.

The organization that coordinates the development and use of voluntary consensus standards in the United States and represents the needs and views of U. To transfer programs or data from a computer to a connected computer with fewer resources, typically from a mainframe to a personal computer.

A type of controlled vocabulary, isp cannot be used during the indexing process, but is used only during retrieval. A requirement that imposes conditions on a functional requirement e. Relation between or among terms in a given language representing the same concept. Use of synonym rings ensures that a concept that can be described by multiple synonymous or quasi-synonymous terms will be retrieved if any one of the terms is used in a search.

Examples include information about items available from on-line shopping facilities e. In English common language usage, glossary can refer to a unilingual list of designations and definitions in a particular subject field. Relationship between preferred and non-preferred terms is an equivalence relationship in which each term is regarded as referring to the same concept.

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Although terminology aims to clarify communication between humans and not to provide computational models [ISO ], we are forced to recognise that it is not entirely satisfactory from the perspective of both Logic by providing consistent definitionscomputation through a conceptual system representation and even from epistemological principles the essential characteristic is no a more principle in the last version of the IS0 standard.

Isso example, characteristics of the boundary may include the identification of any isk interconnections, description of signal exchanges across the boundary, or specification of functions performed on each side of the boundary.

Abbreviation made up of the initial letters of the components of the full 108-1 of the designation or from syllables of the full form and pronounced letter by letter. Knowledge organization systems include classification and categorization schemes that organize materials at a general level, subject headings that provide more detailed access, and authority files that control variant versions of key information such as geographic names and personal names.

Terminology Coordination Unit

Knowledge organization systems also include highly structured vocabularies, such as thesauri, and less traditional schemes, such as semantic networks and ontologies. A service is the endpoint of a connection. The descriptor in effect substitutes for other terms expressing equivalent or nearly equivalent concepts.

A reinterpretable representation of information in a formalized manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing.

Terminology ISO standards – Terminology Coordination Unit [DGTRAD] – European Parliament

Worldwide organization consisting of a network of the national standards institutes of countries formed to promote development of standards to facilitate the international carriage and exchange of goods and service and to develop mutual cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological, and economic activities.

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The specific linguistic means of expression always include subject-specific uso and phraseology and also may cover stylistic or syntactic features.

Index term of a thesaurus which denotes the broadest possible concept of any other index term with which it has a downward hierarchical relation and which has no broader term. Isl document that describes how to use a functional unit, and that may include description of the iiso and responsibilities of the user, the owner, and the supplier of that functional unit.

The vocabulary may be monolingual, bilingual or multilingual. A related term is of associated meaning but not synonymous with the other term. The goal of taxonomy formation is to achieve maximal simplicity and minimal overlap of distinctive characteristics.

A set of subprograms that application programs may use to request and carry out lower-level services performed by an operating 0187-1. Corporate body or individual intellectually responsible for a publication.

User Manual User Manual Definition: The combination of services – internal and external to an organization – make up a service-oriented architecture.

Contrast with conceptual clustering and concept formation. A complete citation of the bibliographic information pertaining to a document or other resource. A 1087- language designed for use by applications 108-1 need to process the content of information instead of just presenting information to humans by facilitating greater machine interpretability of Web content than that supported by XML, RDF, and RDF Schema RDF-S by providing additional vocabulary along with a formal semantics. Index term with a coordinate relation and equal rank to another index term.