Truth in Translation is a critical study of Biblical translation, assessing the accuracy of nine English versions of the New Testament in wide use today. By looking. I recently read Jason David BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation and found it deeply intriguing and at times disturbing. I’ll give some positive points and then I’ll list my . Jason David BeDuhn, Ph.D. is a historian of religion and culture, currently Professor of Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament. Lanham: University Press of America. Augustine’s.

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What is not bedugn is changing the Bible so that it agrees with only one interpretation, that is, changing it from the basis of interpretation into a product of interpretation. In one case, he actually argues that exceptions to the rule prove that it is not a rule at all.

A comprehensive review of Truth in Translation by Jason BeDuhn.

It could mean “wind,” “breath” or “life-spirit,” “a level of reality,” or “spirit creatures. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Now we can close the loop. John is powerfully declaring that Jesus has the nature of God because he uses terminology which identifies Jesus’ qualitative character as that of the Almighty.

Even if these authors were using copies of the Greek Septuagint that preserved the divine name in archaic Hebrew letters, they were careful in their own writings to substitute the accepted euphemism “Lord” kurios. We need to pay careful attention to what the author says on this second level because he can teach us a great deal. Please read academic papers and books that critique this book. Personally, I disagree with some of the arguments that BeDuhn raises, mainly with regard to the main discrepancy among all Biblical jwson Apr 01, Amber rated it really liked it.


Probing the Implicit Meaning. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Excerpts from BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation – Randall McElroy III

I saw an amazing development. Yet he allows an opposite but equal bias if the same word is translated as obeisance when applied to Jesus, but worship when applied to God.

To suggest such a reading not supported by the manuscript evidence is called making a conjectural emendation. Their theology demanded that a majority of these passages read “Jehovah” rather than “Lord.

If I had to peg him based on what little he gives away about himself, I would suspect he is a theological Liberal. The distinction in the examples is whether Jesus and God are the same or different subjects. In the market driven economy in which our English Bible publishers operate, my ideal Bible will never be sold.

The reader is undoubtedly aware that the written Greek used yranslation the autographs consisted of only upper case letters. On a second level, BeDuhn chooses a number of passages to use as illustrations. There are passages where many translators have interpreted the gesture referred to by the Greek term proskuneo as implying “worship.

No one would approved when used of man. That is, they don’t want to accept the obvious and clear sense of firstborn of creation as identifying Jesus as of creation. Translations produced by single denominations can and do defy our expectations of bias.

Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament

Thank you, too, for your recognition that in bfduhn, the Old Testament portion of the New World Translation is entirely correct, and that the translators should be commended by all who review the New World Translation. In many cases, what translators have seen as necessary implicit words have been biased attempts to make the passage agree with their own theology.


Having concluded that the NWT is one of the most accurate English translations of the New Testament currently available, I would be remiss if I did not mention one peculiarity of this translation that by most conventions of translation would be considered an inaccuracy, however little this inaccuracy changes the meaning of most of the verses where translatiin appears.

I will quote the New World Translation and only three other jasson. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Excerpts from BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation

In this sense, one might argue that the Protestant Reformation is incomplete, that it did not fully realize the high ideals that were set for it. That translation the English portion is, after all, still a translation has an awkward solution to this problem. The problem is what we call the issue of implication, that is, what is implied in the original Greek, and how much are we responsible to make what is implied tfanslation and clear to Bible readers. We will consider that subject in the Appendix comments.

They might argue that the context of belief surrounding Jesus implies that the gesture is more than “obeisance” or “homage.