[Not only a beautiful bonsai – but a stunning presentation of it. This shape would make a perfect tree for children (imagining it as a full-sized tree) – they could. Junipero bonsai More. Junipero bonsai More. Junipero bonsai More Plantas, Árboles Enanos, Árboles En Macetas, Esquejes, Terrarios,. Visit.

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Junipers are very suitable for creating deadwood jin and shari. Started at age 15, Kimura was an apprentice to master Hamano in Omiya Bonsai village. The Juniper cannot live indoors.

bbonsai A Juniper by Bonsai sensei Masahiko Kimura. Specialized Bonsai juinpero offer everything from young plants, pre-Bonsai and pre-styled juniper trees up to high-value Bonsai, in various styles and shapes. The Green Mound Juniper Bonsai is also from Japan and also bears needle-like foliage, but the bonsau are shorter, more compact, bluish-green – almost like scale-like foliage.

The diverse juniper species and cultivars have a very different level susceptibility to rust juniperoo, there are also some which are regarded as resistant. There are also popular juniper species with needle-like foliage. During the winter protect the tree once temperatures drop below degrees C 14F. There are two groups of Junipers, one with scale-like foliage and the other one with needle-like foliage.

In nature it grows as a small tree or shrub. Scale junipers usually have needle-like foliage when they are young called juvenile foliagethe typical scale-like foliage appears later. Dramatically twisted shapes are very popular and correspond with the natural shapes that used to grow in the Japanese mountains in former times.

The Japanese junipers are also not infested very often. The Sierra Juniper is a shrub or tree native to the western United States, growing in mountains at altitudes of —3, meters. For more of his fascinating and sometimes unconventional work, check Kimura’s Bonsai garden!


In this article we list the ten most beautiful Juniper Bonsai trees. Goshin “protector of the spirit” is a Bonsai created by John Y. The California Juniper is native to California and has bluish-grey scale-like foliage. The Juniper Bonsai is generally a strong tree that also withstands aggressive pruning quite well. Junipers which are produced for Bonsai purposes are already wired quite heavily in most cases when they are still very young.

The rust fungus infests the junipers permanently and causes swellings from which hard, brown galls emerge.

Juniper Bonsai (Juniperus)

Its leaves are scale-like, quite coarse and can be dark green or bluish-green. But it cannot bud again from bare tree parts, so take care that there is some foliage left on every branch you want to keep alive. Slanting Juniper composition, forest style. The berry-like cones are round or oval, depending on the species they measure between 3 mm and 2 cm and they need a year or two to ripen.

Those parts break easily. It can last a few years until enough normal scale-like foliage has grown and all the needle-like foliage can be removed.

Care guide for the Juniper Bonsai tree (Juniperus) – Bonsai Empire

After heavy pruning or bending, overwatering or other blnsai often juvenile foliage will grow again. If junipers are well cared for and placed in an ideal position they are quite resistant against pests. The Japanese Needle Juniper has sharp, dark green, stinging needles with a narrow white line along their length. If strong growth is desired some higher nitrogen levels can be applied in spring.

Spectacular and very unique display. This is due to the fact that live veins below a broken or for other reasons dying branch will dry out and die. If you need help identifying your tree, try our Bonsai tree identification guide.


Junipers can be strongly bonaai, if necessary wrapped with raffia or tape as a protection, but you must be careful with parts which possess bonnsai. The two most popular juniper species for bonsai of the group with scale-like foliage are the Chinese Juniper and the Japanese Shimpaku which is a variety of the Chinese Juniper which was originally found in the Japanese mountains.

Other popular species are the Bohsai juniper Juniperus chinensisthe Japanese Shimpaku Juniperus sargentiithe Japanese needle juniper Juniperus rigidatwo central European species: A remarkable Juniperus which is well known for its extremely high age; the tree is reported to be over years old!

Top 10: Juniper Bonsai trees

Forum Join our Bonsai forum to ask your questions. All these species have very similar care guidelines.

The foliage pads should be wired and fanned out after thinning when necessary, to let light and air get in. The Itoigawa Shimpaku is very popular due to its delicate emerald-green foliage. You can often find good Bonsai raw material there. The fungus causes orange spots on the pear leaves. This plant grows as a ground covering shrub if it is not shaped. A big problem are fungal rust diseases. The juniper is a genus of about 50 – 70 species within the cypress family. The cones are often eaten by birds who spread the germinable seeds later with their droppings.

Many well-suited juniper species in different sizes are offered in most blnsai.