Silverwing (The Silverwing Trilogy) [Kenneth Oppel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shade is a young silverwing bat, the runt of his. Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel – Shade is a young silverwing bat, the runt of his colony. But he’s determined to prove himself on the long, dangerous winter. A small bat’s curiosity leads to an action-packed odyssey in the acclaimed Silverwing trilogy from Kenneth Oppel, now available as a collectible boxed set.

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See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. Son of Ariel and Cassiel, he is very impulsive and brave. Must redeem within 90 days.

Return to Book Page. But which ones are friends and which silverwint are enemies? Silverwing is just amazing! At around twelve I decided I wanted to be a writer this came after deciding I wanted to be a scientist, and then an architect.

It was so insanely predictable and boring and there was so many unnecessary road-blocks. My one problem with siilverwing book was I’m wavering between 2 stars and 3 stars for this book. Dazu kommt eine gewisse Artenvielfalt, die perfekt geeignet ist um sie in eine Geschichte zu integrieren z. Silverwing Sunwing Firewing Darkwing.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. This book was the first book where I discovered that I could enjoy the story more than the reading.


Price may vary by retailer. The ending was sweet, but it’s definitely a set up for a series. Desperately searching for a way to rejoin his flock, Shade meets a remarkable cast of characters: Please provide an email address.

Many keneth ago I read the prequel to this series by Kenneth Oppel and thoroughly enjoyed it. They invite Marina to stay with them but again, Shade and Marina decide to stay together. Zephyr is a bat traffic regulator, aiding and helping other bats when they are migrating. They go back across the ocean well marina explains her past.

The Silverwing Trilogy

Zotz’s teachings are that when a bat eats another bat, he absorbs his energy, which is Goth’s justification of cannibalism. Instead, Frieda takes Shade to an Echo Chamber storing the history of the bats and their rivalry with the owls. The standout for me is Goth, who despite this being a book for younger readers really embodies evil and fills the roll as villain about as well as can be achieved. His award-winning Silverwing trilogy has sold over a million copies worldwide and been adapted as an animated TV series and stage play.

It was a cute adventure story about a runt silverwing bat who is smart and curious and questions things, when most of his colony goes along with the status quo out of justified fear.


Refresh and try again.

I would recommend for fans of the Warriors series and other animal-POV adventure books. I liked the idea of the echo-chamber that houses all the knowledge of the bats, just like we have books or now the internet. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. As you may be able to tell, I really did not enjoy this book.

When the bats refuse to hand over Shade, the owls set the tree on fire. I loved it so much I immediately went out and got the sequel, which is also very good. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Silverwing (Silverwing, book 1) by Kenneth Oppel

Shade was a believable character, complete with strengths and flaws, and pretty easy to root for, and Goth was pretty decent for a villain – at least for a kid’s book. This is an excellant book! Jarod constantly praises Chinook for his hunting abilities.