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All these subjects are discussed in “Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism,” and “Fundamentals of Marxist Philosophy,” both books prepared by a group of the most prominent ideologists of the Soviet Union under the direction of 37 O. In Mexico, for instance,the Soviet secret service recruited some political dissidents to go study in the Ratrice Lumumba University in Moscow.

At the same time, however, this sinister activity is also a great business involving fantastic sums deriving from the drug traffic, which is based on the uncon- tainable demand by the world’s drug addicts. It was there that under the direction of the Special Schools Department, a section of the Cuban DGI [General Intelligence Office], thousands and thousands of “students” from Latin American countries, Uruguay included, as will be seen later on, were instructed.

For the first time on the continent, the Cuban revolution demonstrated that this undertaking was achievable and that it was not necessary to wait until all of the objective and subjective conditions required by those parties and their theoreticians for launching the revolution to exist, but that the very development of the struggle represented the decisive factor with sufficient potential to cause them to develop.

The inner circles of the intimate life of the organization–which in its zeal for originality even produced a special method of seditious love, “tupamor”–revealed a sordid, repugnant picture of vileness, disloyalties, felonies and immoralities, which we deliberately omit so as not to lower the level of this analysis or enter into disgusting individualizations. Communist Cuba, through the work of its diplomatic embassies and cultural services “for friendship with people,” would apply this technique on a vast scale in its action of penetration into the rest of Iatin America, as will be seen further on.

A communique broadcast by the FLQ over the radio station CKAC on the morning of the Sunday following the kidnapping warned that Laporte would be “executed” if the demands of the kidnappers were not met by hours on 75 that day.


In Asia, 30 million of its 44 million square kilometers and million of its 1. Kirkpatrick “The Strategy of Deceit,” cit.


The Chinese consider the following 13 as socialist countries: Not one is even 15 years old: Then even the most skeptical will decide in favor of socialism. If you react, we shall annihilate you. That is why Chicherin, who headed the Soviet delegation to the Genoa Economic and International Conference of Aprilsaid that the USSR “without violating the principles of communism, recognized that in this historical period economic competition among the states that represent the two systems of property becomes an imperious necessity in attempting a general economic reconstruction.

War is a weapon of revolution: Denigrating descriptions and diatribes are far from the seriousness with which information should be handled. Referring zaffarooni the University of Caracas, in a judgement which is also applicable to that in Montevideo or any other American university, Larteguy correctly diagnosed one of the main centers of the cancer which corrupted these countries: Part I ” See other formats U. The effects of that rivalry can be seen in crimijal repeated political and diplomatic battles in Asia, Africa and the Middle and Far East and Latin America between the two factions in struggle, and also in the criminao of the communist parties, in cueestion international communist fronts, and the groups that aline themselves, whether it be under the leadership of Moscow or in the Maoist ranks.

These considerations and many others of a similar nature, which could be made about the aggressiveness and tortuosity of communist tactics, must be ignored. Infiltrating the worker, student and employee movements, they were able to mobilize the people around their alleged revolutionary ideals. Human discontent is heightened and managed skillfully, and that ochestration is part of the tactic of rebellions, uprisings and subversions organized within the overall strategy of the silent but inexorable war that international communist wages in all areas and in all regions of the world against free societies and the democratic-republic systems in which they flourish, and which it attacks as its true enemies and seeks to destroy them.

With the UIE it channels the efforts of international communism to turning in its favor the support of the youth of the entire world. The creation of the human nucleus for disorder, riot, and so forth through newspaper articles, notices, flyers, wall or radio announcements, free transportation or “rides” and the hiring of “demonstrators.


The many accusations made in this respect, and which are periodically repeated, have not had a great effect since the traffic takes place secretly through a vast network of clandestine organizations and agents, to which even the “maffia” is no stranger, and is active in practically all countries of the West.

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On the contrary, it is a matter of competition in which each one wishes to demonstrate the superiority of its own method over that of the other. The same can be said of the recently publicized SLA [Symbionese Liberation Army], which during the greater part of waged a campaign of murder and terror, shocking the whole world with the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst, the daughter of the rich owner of a U.

Since the Nazi 22 June attack on Russia, at that time “partner” of Hitler’s National Socialism, through the German-Soviet Pact ofbrought the entry of Russia into the second world war, the USSR in a purely tactical and temporary tactic suppressed the Comintern and created a “unity” with the western powers who then became its “allies.

In addition to the above, Che Guevara noted another contribution made by the Cuban revolution: Principles of Digital Electronics K.

It is the “testimony” of these visitors, when they return to their countries, which the well-mounted propaganda machinery of communism exploits cleverly, pointing out the “marvels” of the “socialist experiment” and the emergence of the “new man,” chamber music of Marxist literature on the vague project of the “collective creation” of the human being of the future: In Africa, no fewer than 20 million of its 30 million square kilometers and.

It was in these schools and centers for political indoctrination and specialization in sabotage, terrorism, espionage and guerrilla warfare that numerous agitators and militants of the PCU [Communist Party of Uruguay] and other subversive groups in Uruguay, as well as other countries in Latin America, were to receive instruction.

The hasty and unpondered action of the enemy under the foregoing conditions is a prior condition for the use of counteroffensive strategy.

The first lot included 25 children, with the record for “youngest member” being set by a girl of 5, whose opinions on the war in Vietnam and other matters of international note were published in the pages of the daily newspaper GRANMA.

To give the impression that it is the people themselves who do the agitating, communism applies refined techniques of mobilization of the multitude aimed at leading it to a calculated climate of disorder, riot, protest or rebellion, placing it at the service of its plans of subversion. This is accomplished by the following: