La nave estelar [Brian ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. coleccion Clasicos Nebulae nº 14, 1ª edicion febrero , traduccion. : Clasicos Nebulae numero La nave estelar: Autor/es: Brian W. Aldiss Editorial: Edhasa. Coleccion. Fecha Edicion: primera edicion. Brian Aldiss – la nave estelar. Mind-Blowing Spaceships from s British Mind-Blowing Spaceships from British Paperbacks: “Equator” by Brian Aldiss.

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Give me six months from this one and I will probably not remember much either. Action, violence, friendship, heroic decisions, petty selfishness, outside factors In a self-sustaining, self-contained starship the only constraints are time, space, and sanity. What stopped me from enjoying this book is the characters.

La nave estelar by Brian W. Aldiss (2 star ratings)

I liked that scene and find it believable for a group raised in a generation ship. Once you’ve finished Non-Stop you will probably sldiss yourself that you didn’t get what was going on sooner. Brian Wilson Aldiss was one of the most important voices in science fiction writing today. Non-Stop is fifty-one years old but the writing feels fresh and inventive.

But the similarity is even more obvious to Dungeons and Dragons. Okay, so it’s not my favorite work of Science Fiction.

Apparently in the edition I read, the author had made some minor changes and updated the story so that it would not seem ‘as dated’ to the modern reader. The second generational ship novel this year, none the richer. Think books which manages to tie itself into a tight and perfect bran at the end are rare and far between.

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I’m fine with that. If such a smaller, less real world was going to work anywhere, it would be in the story of a generation ship.

La nave estelar

Beyond the writing, the story structure is lackluster as well. I don’t mind a cliffhanger, but this one feels just as if the author One of those classics that don’t stand the test of time, I’m afraid. In one episode, the characters encountered a massive derelict spacecraft, adrift for centuries due to some ancient catastrophe on board.

Yazim yili itibariyle dusununce daha cok takdir edilesi. Charlene rated it it was ok Jun 04, I never read the “original” story, so I would never have known he had made any kind of changes or edits [“improvements”] to the story.

Complain, the main character, changes the most in the story.

La nave estelar by Brian W. Aldiss (5 star ratings)

Not earlier, not later, but only when the author wants. The protagonist, Roy, leaves a brutish, inward-looking existence navw his tribe. I first read it long ago and really liked it a lot, then later reread estellar and found it not wldiss so strong. The way the book started suggested that this was going to be a fun adventure along the lines of Journey to the Center of the Earth or The Lost World, but it wasn’t.

Since the ship began its return journey, a mutated hydroponics food plant has adapted to its surroundings and now grows everywhere, forming jungles on abandoned decks where pigs and insects thrive. Noteably Aldiss’s first novel. With the threat of battle with another tribe, he joins forces with a few colleagues and a renegade priest to discover more about his world and whether the rumours are true – that they are travelling through the emptiness of space in a huge ship gone rogue.


Who are all these tribes? As ever, I’m not going to provide a summary of the story itself, rather this review will highlight some of the themes and akdiss of the book which stood out for me personally. Faber published the book in While the theory of a ‘generation ship’ had popped up here and there since aroundAldiss sldiss credited with the first complete novel to deal with the concept, and the resulting fallout which may occur.

I realize the ending was supposed to be one of “hope”, but I think it was actually a sad ending, with Laur’s ignorance [lack of understanding or comprehension] of the depths of the problem facing her, Complain, esttelar the other survivors onboard the ship. In fact at first I thought they were typos. Michele rated it it was ok Aug 14, Non-Stop is the first and it really kicks this off with a bang. It might be interesting to compare the two books. To ask other readers questions about La nave estelarplease sign up.

Brian Wilson Aldiss was one of the most important voices in science fiction writing today. In sum, Cordelia and Aral Vorkosigan take no prisoners, protecting their marriage, their unborn son, and the esyelar. The very nature of the storyline fits within the genre type of the era and it was a no holds bar for creativity, prime examples are the B Grade creature features.

Tiberiusgraccus rated it it was ok Jul 07,