Nine years later, Lardner would feature the same character, “mindless chatter and all,” in his most well-known and anthologized story, “Haircut.”. The Library of America’s “Story of the Week” this week ( org/) is Ring Lardner’s famous “Haircut,” a kind of dramatic. Haircut has ratings and 21 reviews. Lemar said: If you’ve ever stuck up a conversation in a small town diner with a seemingly innocuous local telling.

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Updated 19 January Before you cut into it, let’s make up a pool and see who can guess closest to the number of seeds.

Jim would look out the train window and read laardner signs of the stores. The article analyzes cinematic allusions, especially those to the movie Wages of Death found in the story “Haircut” and asserts that the plot of that movie is the hidden plot of this story.

Haircut (short story)

You’re a newcomer, ain’t you? So Doc says that’s what he had heard, and he couldn’t understand it because Paul had told him he wouldn’t never have no more to do with Jim as long as he lived.

It is at his farm that the shooting takes place. Lit on his head and it done somethin’ to him and he ain’t never been right.


We might rephrase that question this way: Later he warns Jim not to try such things. But she wouldn’t have nothin’ to do with him; wouldn’t even speak to him on the street. And he made up his mind he’d get even.

What’s the narrative point of view the author has chosen for this story, and what issues does our noticing this lardher put on the table? He laughed at first and said he didn’t want it, but they made him take it. It turns out that there are at least two basic sorts of gags he pulls that are significantly different.

Doc Stair and Julie are his only companions. Jg Correa rated it liked it May 18, I’m not only judgin’ by how she acted afterwards but how she looked at him that first day in his office. Doc always keeps a night light in his office, so it looked to Julie like they was somebody there.

Hod Meyers kept rubbin’ it into Jim about how the Doc had cut him out. You can imagine that Jim used to have all kinds of fun with Paul.

Haircut (short story) – Wikipedia

Jim’s friend and fellow town jokester. Thoughts on reading and studying haircit short story by a guy who’s read and written about a lot of short stories. As for the jokes Jim plays on Paul: He’d drop in here Saturdays and tell his experiences for that week.


The story makes small towns seem like they have bad people in them, when that is not true at all. As I say, she’d of divorced Jim, only she seen that she couldn’t support herself and the kids and she was always hopin’ that some day Jim would cut out his habits and give her more than two or three dollars a week.

Jan 23, Keith rated it it was ok Shelves: M Forster 1 E. He is “a mighty handsome young fella and his clothes always hairctu like he has them made to order. I’d of swore it was Mrs. Stylistically irritating; not terribly original.

She rung it again and she rung it seven or eight times. Her mother had been doctorin’ for years with Doc Gamble and Doc Foote and with” out no results. She has traveled and been to school.