Linguatula serrata can be found in several countries in Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and the Americas. Although the distribution of . Linguatula serrata is a food-borne zoonotic pentastomid that affects a wide range of animals including humans. Dogs and other carnivores are the final hosts. Twenty-four to 48 hours after imidacloprid/moxidectin was administered, the dog coughed up a dead worm, later confirmed as Linguatula serrata (Fig 1).

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Statistical analysis was performed using chi-squared test. A case report of Nasopharyngeal Linguatuliasis in Tehran, Iran and characterization of the isolated Linguatula serrate. A case report of Linguatula serrata in human pharynx from Shiraz, Southern Iran. Linguatula serrata is an opportunist and can infect humans and other omnivores in their immature or mature stages, depending on their diet.

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Carnivores can subsequently feed on infected human cadavers. Banaja, Communication Channels tactile chemical Perception Channels tactile chemical Food Habits Adults ingest food in the final host’s respiratory tract. The eggs have an ovoid shape, have a brownish to yellowish color, and measure about 70×90 micrometers.

The epidemiology of L. They are wormlike parasites of the respiratory systems of vertebrates.

ADW: Linguatula serrata: INFORMATION

This worm has been found in the eye chambers and livers of humans, where humans have ingested the eggs from the external environment. The definitive hosts of L. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When humans ingest eggs linguatulx vegetation in the external environment, the parasite develops in the infected person as an intermediate host.


Evolution in the pentastomids. They are always parasitic or paratenic, causing zoonotic disease in definitive hosts or remaining asymptomatic as larvae in the paratenic host.

This may be linked to the random use of more male animals. The symptomatic condition of the patient in this report is much like that of marrara or halzoun syndrome caused by L. Larvae are primarily non-feeding, encysting in a variety of host tissues.

Linguatula serrata in dogs | Vetlexicon Canis from Vetstream | Definitive Veterinary Intelligence

Prevalence of Linguatula serrata infection in domestic bovids slaughtered in Tabriz Abattoir, Iran. Infectious Diseases and Veterinary Public Healthvol. This study was undertaken to determine the prevalence and public health implications of Linguatulosis in client-owned dogs in Jalingo, North Eastern Nigeria. The monthly distribution of Linguatulosis in dogs in Jalingo, North Eastern Nigeria, for the years and During this stage, the parasite has a stylet to tunnel through gut walls, along with appendages for further propulsion.

More generally, linguatulosis can be considered a form of “pentastomiasis”, which refers to all diseases caused by pentastomidsincluding porocephaliasis. Two families, Linguatulidae and Porocephalidae of which two important genera Linguatula and Armilliferrespectively, have been known to be of importance in veterinary and human medicine [ 3 ].

Apparently, almost any mammal is a potential intermediate host. They were examined under a conventional light microscope and identified as the nymphal instars of Linguatula serrata.


Ind J Med Sci. Follow- up examination of the patient showed no symptoms or complaints, with a thankful appreciation and comfortable feeling.

Byproducts offal such as kidney, brain, liver, intestine, heart, and tongue are more commonly consumed by people in impoverished areas of the rural and semiurban regions in the developing countries [ 19 ].

When a final host eats an intermediate host or its remains, the cysts release the nymphs in the stomach, which migrate upwards to the nasopharynx through the pharynx. The pentostomids were fixed in ethanol and stained by acetic carmine and mounted.

The first three abdominal annuli have three pairs of sensory papillae. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. Following further coughing, accompanied by blowing of the nasal areas, three worm-like pentastomid were expelled.

It infects the airways of dogsoccasionally catswhich act as final hostsbut also other domestic and wild animals including cattle, sheep, etc. To become an adult, a carnivorous mammal must prey on herbivorous mammals which already have the parasitic larvae. Also, the month of the year was taken into consideration. The authors wish to thank the staff and management linguatulaa the State Veterinary Hospital, Jalingo, especially Dr.

Reviews of Infectious Diseases9 6: This page was last edited on 1 Julyat It has a population of approximately 2, census figures.